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Pain behind pubic bone

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AdeRoseBlossom Fri 07-Jun-19 01:29:15

Hey Ladies Ade' here.

I'm new here wondering if I can get some insight.

I'm 28. Yrs old. I have been ttc for a few years now and think me and dp really caught the egg this time. I currently do not have any children. Fc.

One day around midnight, I was laying in bed and felt a strong sharp pain. It lasted for about 2-3 minutes. It was really painfully but it was definitely an eye opener.

I'm cd 22 so I know its early to test. I did not use opk or temp to confirm ovulation. My boobs usually get really really sore after o so I figure I o'd around cd14 or 15. My cycles are usually around 27-30 days so it could have been later.

Just wondering if any of you ladies experienced pain behind your pubic bone when you received your bfp?

Any comments or stories will be much appreciated.

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AdeRoseBlossom Fri 07-Jun-19 15:24:24

Any One ever felt this

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