Am I over reacting?

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Wendy38 Mon 06-May-19 21:16:06

Keeping it short....
We announced to in laws at the weekend we are expecting. It's great news for us.
Step mum in law as soon as we told her changed the subject to her biological child which is favourite child but that's never changed and will never changed and said we can't tell her aka step sister because it will upset her. She broke up with her boyfriend a year ago.

We invited them to stay with us at Christmas as baby is due November and they live abroad. They have given 2 excuses why not to come over and stay (believe me money is definitely not the issue) but I'm getting the to point where I feel like saying stop making excuses if you don't want to be involved we won't force you.
Other half isn't bothered as his dad was never present throughout his life as his dad was always off having affairs so he is 'use to not having a father figure' this is first grandchild i thought they would be mega excited and wanted to be involved.
I'm trying to not let it grate on me but it is grrr how to put a dampner on our news.

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NapsAndTea Sun 12-May-19 14:00:08

Maybe it's a good thing - make the most and be around people who want to be there x

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