Pregnancy test help!

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splishandsplash Mon 29-Apr-19 07:35:18

We have been trying for a short while and I had some real tenderness in my tummy and bloating for a couple days.. I thought I'd test this morning but I'm not sure if I'm imagining the second line? Can anyone else see it? X

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Ribeebie Mon 29-Apr-19 07:37:03

Yes there's another line there. Congratulations!

TrixieFranklin Mon 29-Apr-19 07:39:17


bunnieboo91 Mon 29-Apr-19 07:40:22

I see a second line grin

How many days past your period are you? Just incase it's an evap line (happened to me)

splishandsplash Mon 29-Apr-19 07:55:43

I'm due on my period today..? Test taken this morning.. 😬

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bunnieboo91 Mon 29-Apr-19 22:00:13

I'd say congratulation and you're in fact pregnant! Yay grin

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