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Finding out I'm pregnant at 35 weeks

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sam659 Thu 25-Apr-19 09:51:15

Hi, I only found out I'm pregnant three weeks ago due to no visible bump or what I considered as symptoms. I'm 38 weeks atm. I never thought this could be me as I was always skeptical of these stories and thought how could you not know. My anxiety is thought the roof as I've taking no pre natal vitamins and I've been drinking alcohol almost the entire pregnancy. I've probably drink a bottle of wine every Saturday night. I'm terrified I've caused Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. All is measured correctly on my scan but I'm still up the walls. Can anyone offer advice please

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Louise190 Sat 27-Apr-19 22:46:06

I can't offer you advice because I have not been in this situation and I am only TTC #1. However I will say, try and take some solace in that you found out before baby was born so you have at least some time to come round to the idea and get prepared! Easier said than done but try not to stress as it will only do you and baby harm. Unless the doctors are concerned, I wouldn't worry (again, easier said than done, I know!)
Sending you all the well wishes!! X

Pizzachicken Sat 27-Apr-19 22:55:03

I'm no doctor but to my understanding you'd need to have drunk more than that to seriously harm your baby. Try not to worry (easier said than done, I know) and concentrate on doing all that you can now to prepare yourself.

I once taught a child who had ongoing issues as a result of his mother drinking and his mother was a raging alcoholic. I also know someone who only realised she was pregnant when her "appendicitis" symptoms escalated to a head coming out of her vagina. She was a low level binge drinker - think university student - and her son is just fine.

Try to keep calm thanks

fluffyjumper Sun 02-Jun-19 20:49:53

Congratulations, try and keep positive and gain support from as many people as you can.

Kezmum14 Tue 03-Dec-19 12:57:30

I was in your exact situation 5 years ago. I found out I was pregnant at 36 weeks. Was in complete shock, couldn’t make sense of things and worried constantly. Not only had o been on a few big nights out and drank a lot, of also been taking the pill, taken medication for dizziness that said clearly DO NOT TAKE IF PREGNANT, been to a lot of theme parks on so many rollercoasters and generally not looked after myself at all. My son was born 5 weeks after finding out. I don’t think I was really with it, just functioned and carried on the best I could. He’s now 5 and we wouldn’t be without him. I do look back and think I suffered post traumatic stress, my doctor wasn’t much help. I remember sitting in an appointment at 38 weeks and telling her I wasn’t having the baby, my brain was telling me nope I’ll just not have it. She handed me some information on adoption but that’s not what I meant at all. I honestly thought that if I decided I wouldn’t give birth the baby would go away. It was so scary and although my family were amazing I just felt like I wasn’t pregnant. It was surreal and to look back on I feel really sad that I didn’t have more professional support. That being said I’m fine now and have loved him from the moment I saw him 😍 Good Luck and congratulations x

Bookworm83 Mon 09-Dec-19 22:26:42

No visible bump is one thing, but is it possible not to feel the baby kicking at all? Genuine question. I'm pregnant for the first time (24 weeks) and my baby is very active, I don't think I could mistake the kicks and punches for anything else...

Kezmum14 Tue 07-Jan-20 10:49:30

I didn’t feel baby kicking and even when I found out I didn’t really feel kicks but I did feel what could be the baby moving and what I’d overlooked. My surprise pregnancy was with my third baby so I wasn’t new to knowing what pregnancy and a kicking baby felt like. It’s hard to explain as I didn’t even suspect I was pregnant at all

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