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Annobal junior enters the world, better late than never

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annobal Thu 12-Jul-07 12:30:51

Firstly a big thank you to all you lovely MNers especially on the ante-natal thread where you've been such a lovely support.

Now - the birth announcement...

Baby Charlie was born at 18.23 on 10/07/07, weighing 8lb and measuring 55cm.

I'd been 2-3cms dilated, baby in perfect position and getting loads of BHs and even contractions for about two weeks. Being my 3rd baby, I expected him to fly out at around 38 weeks, and that my previous 2 babies had been early, not hung around inside...

Anyway, in my frustration, I went to the cranial osteopath on Monday to see if she could get things moving, and she did. I woke up at 3am with contractions and thought, here we go again, another false alarm and settled back to sleep - then woke up 10 minutes later, then 10minutes after that...

This went on for a while and when DS1 and 2 got up at about 6am the contractions went all of a sudden from 10 minutes to 3-4 minutes so MW was called for planned home birth. She arrived at about 7am and we settled back for a lovely, serene and calm homebirth. All was going absolutely wonderfully - contractions hurt but I was able to visualise and breathe through them. I got into the bath at about 10.30 and started getting the urge to push. Once again, everything seemed to be fine and progressing nicely. My membranes went and we prepared for the baby to come whooshing out.

Nothing happenned as the baby just didn't seem to be coming down. After an examination, MW thought that we should go into hospital as the baby seemed to be stuck his shoulders weren't moving and I was getting quite tired (!!). Anyway, after a failed epidural and a few more hours waiting for the epidural to work (it did take the edge off but not much more than that), the doctor so I was taken into theatre and given a spinal block which was such a relief.

The amazing and lovely registrar examined me and thought he had a chance of delivery by ventouse rather than cs so wanted to try (I also wanted to avoid a cs). After a little twisting he managed to unstick the baby's shoulders from my pelvis and deliver the head. Then came the worst bit - the shoulders got stuck again and the room suddenly went into emergency mode the doctor managed to get an arm out and deliver him safely. Thankfully the loudest crying was the baby's (closely followed by DH and mine).

Anyway baby was delivered and is absolutely fine and beautiful and thanks to arnica has not too bad a bruise on his head.

estobi1 Thu 12-Jul-07 14:00:18

Congratulations - pleased to hear all went well in the end. Lovely name too!

foxybrown Thu 12-Jul-07 14:02:52

Well done Annobal - it all started off so well, and all ended well. Hope you are OK and not too battered and bruised!

Now you put your feet up! Congratulations! And not early either xx

MarsLady Thu 12-Jul-07 14:05:53

Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have kept an eye out since you mentioned losing your plug.

Well done and congratulations

daisyandbabybootoo Thu 12-Jul-07 14:08:45

annobal, Big Big Congratulations to you and your family and welcomre to the world at last Charlie.

Sorry you didn't get the home birth you wanted and god, how you must have been scared at the end, but its wonderful that Charlie has arrived safe and sound.

Well Done You!!!!

How are T and G liking their new baby bro??

bumperlicious Thu 12-Jul-07 14:12:42

ouch annobal! Glad it all went ok in the end. hope you are feeling ok now

trendaverter Thu 12-Jul-07 14:27:35

Well done Annobal and congratulations! Sorry you didn't get the birth you wanted, but glad you are all safe and well now!
Welcome Charlie!

twoplusone Thu 12-Jul-07 14:30:53

Congratulations and well done.. Welcome baby charlie

Jamantha Thu 12-Jul-07 17:54:23


doggus Thu 12-Jul-07 19:22:19

Yay - well done Annobal and congrats to you and the whole family!

I had a spinal block too - marvellous isn't it - worked in about 10 seconds for me...

lulumama Thu 12-Jul-07 20:41:08

wow !! welcome charlie !

even though things didn;t go to plan, sounds like you coped beautifully, and well done on getting through it

enjoy your boy xx

HufflepuffCushion Thu 12-Jul-07 20:44:42


Hulababy Thu 12-Jul-07 20:45:30

Congratulations. Welcome to Charlie

loonylovegood Thu 12-Jul-07 22:28:04

Well done annobal! Huge congrats! Sorry things didn't work out as planned (funnily enough I know how you feel), but glad it all worked out in the end! Hope you are feeling ok and not too sore! xxxx

loonylovegood Thu 12-Jul-07 22:28:49

Shit, it's holly btw, if you didn't recognise me and my new name!

justbeme Fri 13-Jul-07 16:10:39

Congratulations annobal - same day as me!! Glad alls well!

annobal Fri 13-Jul-07 18:05:08

Thank you!!! T & G are LOVING their new brother. It doesn't really matter how they get out, they are so precious once they get here!

Dontknowmyarsefrommyelbow Fri 13-Jul-07 20:11:51

Annobal - Well done
Glad all ended well and safely (sounds a bit similar to how mine ended up!)
Arnica is great isn't it?
Welcome little Charlie (great name)!

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