Alcohol use during pregnancy

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ciara898 Sat 16-Feb-19 14:00:17

Hi guys can anyone console me. I didn’t find out I was pregnant until 25weeks- pcos and overweight. I am worried sick as I’ve been drinking most weekends for the 25 weeks I didn’t know I was pregnant! At most a bottle of wine every Saturday night- never too drunk but definitely tipsy. I’m terrified my baby will have FAS. Has this happened to anyone else and have they had a healthy baby? I have had a scan and explained to my OB, all looks fine on my scan but he said we really won't know until baby is here

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LouB1990 Tue 26-Mar-19 20:34:58

I honestly can’t give much advice but what I will say is, unless you have drank an awful lot every day I very much doubt your baby will have any problems. As far as I’m aware the only babies born with FAS are the ones who have alcoholic mums. Besides a lot of mums still do drink during pregnancy (maybe not a bottle of wine) but some do still have a few glasses of wine a night. Honestly would not worry, if doctors we’re worried they would have told you x

bubblegumunicorn Mon 22-Apr-19 19:07:45

I know someone who's DC has FAS and she was drinking 10+ units daily if you have stopped it will reduce your risks I'm assuming you're quite far on now but even if your DC does have it that doesn't mean they are doomed her DC is a lovely child she just struggles a bit at school. I know it's not really reassuring but children with FAS can still live full lives!

PRichardson Tue 23-Jul-19 17:39:37

I was the same but my daughter is healthy x

PRichardson Tue 23-Jul-19 17:39:58

Aslong as you stop now you know. Don’t smoke or drink

Liudmyla2018 Sat 16-May-20 23:20:19

@ciara898 I am in a similar situation, how has everything turned out for you?..

shazzz1xx Sat 21-Nov-20 21:50:27

Did you have your baby ?

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