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Baby 2, no flowers.

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Suleco Sun 10-Feb-19 10:18:01

Hello, am in hospital, just had second child.

A bit sad as I have no flowers. I was thinking of going to the hospital florist to buy them myself but am embarrassed people will see me buying flowers for myself in hospital.

I’d like to order some for myself but I know my husband will ask who gave them and I won’t know what to say.

I’d like this baby to be in a room with some welcome flowers.

BudgieBird Mon 11-Feb-19 03:49:54

Ask your husband to buy them for you! Say it would really cheer you up to have some colour and nice smells in a hospital room. Surely he knows you deserve a treat after all the hard work you've just put in?

1Wanda1 Mon 11-Feb-19 03:56:11

Congrats on your new baby.

Many hospitals these days have a no flowers policy - maybe yours does too? You might get some when you are home!

Skittlesandbeer Mon 11-Feb-19 04:00:38

I think you need to be honest with yourself, that you want the flowers for yourself. The baby wants you and only you.

That said, either ask your husband to bring some in or choose your own without embarrassment. Buy them ‘for your baby’, if that makes you feel better.

Another thing to consider is that you are well, your baby is well and you’ve both come through a frequently dangerous time with flying colours. Trust me that there are many women (probably even in your hospital right now) who have too much to worry about after birth than the room decor and fragrance. You’re very lucky already, getting flowers is a bit of a trivial bonus.

Congrats! flowers

OhTheRoses Mon 11-Feb-19 04:01:15

Congrats on the baby.
What's the point? You'll be going home soon I hope and they will add to the clumber to take home.

newbabyyy2019 Mon 18-Feb-19 14:20:30

I'm pretty sure flowers aren't allowed in hospitals anymore due to allergies and bugs and things like that. I took flowers in for my sister and got told I had to take them out of the hospital. This might be why no-ones got you any, you might have some brought when you're back home.

CountessVonBoobs Mon 18-Feb-19 15:12:24

Honestly, the baby couldn't care less - and lots of hospitals don't allow them anyway.

I'll be honest, other people usually make considerably less hoopla about second babies. This does not mean the baby is less loved or welcome, but it's less of a big change for everyone. Flowers seems like an odd thing to focus on for me. Are you feeling supported and appreciated generally? Because this is about you, not the baby (if anything, the pollen is just going to make them sneeze).

Tinty Mon 18-Feb-19 15:14:32

I'm sorry you haven't got any physical flowers.

Congratulations on your new baby.

flowers for you.

Ask your husband to get you some to welcome you both home.

Confusedbeetle Mon 18-Feb-19 15:20:19

Flowers are an infection risk in hospitals

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