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How did you tell DD1?

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pancakes22 Sun 10-Feb-19 09:30:57

Scan on Wednesday and wondering how to tell my DD (3) that it's a girl or boy. Any ideas? Xx

Thesearmsofmine Sun 10-Feb-19 09:36:05

We booked a private scan and they can with us to find out.

TheVanguardSix Sun 10-Feb-19 09:39:45

When we had the all clear from the 20 week scan and knew that our little one was healthy, we told her.
She was also 3. She's 8 now and still totally annoyed by him. grin

Without going into detail, wait for the 20 week scan.

TheVanguardSix Sun 10-Feb-19 09:40:43

Him being the little brother I was carrying. He was born in the month after DD turned 4.

pancakes22 Sun 10-Feb-19 09:43:46

She has already been to one scan with us and didn't like it so she's happy not to come to this next one with us. She does already know about the pregnancy but doesn't know it's it's a girl or boy yet so was just thinking more of gender reveal ideas to make it exciting for her x

poppythetroll Sun 10-Feb-19 09:48:00

We found out we were having a boy and went and bought some things to make it clear to her (yes I'm talking blue baby clothes wink) wrapped them up and she opened them. DD has just turned 4. When our DS was born we made sure she was the first person to meet him and she revealed his name to everyone. It made her feel like she was really involved.

ineedanewjobplease Sun 10-Feb-19 09:59:10

We bought a big sister book, read it to her and let her guess what it meant smile
Wrote a note in the book - 'to big sister X, can't wait to meet you, love baby bump'

Iggly Sun 10-Feb-19 10:00:47

We found it better to underplay the whole thing. Ds was only 2 though - it’s too much for young ones to process.

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