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Doggus has her Puppy....

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doggus Tue 03-Jul-07 21:51:28

Finally I get the chance to announce the birth of Arthur, as he appears to have finished his screaming quota for the day.

I went to see the consultant on Thursday morning, at 39 weeks, who told me I was not dilated, and would be induced the following week. I took the chance to do a big shop, and noticed odd pains in my tummy, whioh I ptu down to constipation. Got home at about 3pm and the pains had got worse. I still didn't put two and two together, thanks to the obstetrician's view that labour was a way away. Feeling dreadful and unable to lie down at 6pm, I called the hospital, who listened to me gasping, timed me, and said I was having contractions, and should stay at home 'until it was unbearable'. I took them at their word, unfortunately. In agony, at 8pm, dh insisted on taking me in (at 60mph). I almost crawled to the delivery room, where I was examined and I had made it, at home to 8cm dilated! That turned out to be a problem - G&A was useless and resulted in such agony I broke my front tooth off biting on it. Pethdine was even worse so I begged for an epidural. Trouble was, I was writhing and groaning - they tried twice and couldn't get it in. I only made it through 20 more minutes of third stage before instructing them to get this effing baby out NOW as he was stuck. I had to wait for the consultant (doesn't time go slowly when you're giving birth!), was taken to theatre, given a fantastic spinal block and the 7lb 11 oz Arthur was pulled out with forceps with me pushing. I had a great deal of stitching after an episio but couldn't feel a thing.

Arthur and I had to stay in hospital for a week afterwards which was pretty grim as all I wanted to do was get home. He had breathing problems - he was a bit irritable and gaspy because he had slight withdrawals fronm the anti-depressants I had taken theroughout pg. He's fine now, a lovely baby, with bags of character already!

As for me, I have a stitch infection, am on antibiotics and am currently perched on one buttock typing this. If ANYONE on my post natal thread sees me thinking of having sex again, please feel free to throttle me.....

HollyAndAliceWillBeDogtanian Tue 03-Jul-07 22:16:36

Oh doggus, you poor thing! Well done for getting to 8 cms at home, but how horrible you had to have forceps! Glad Arthur is better (lovely name btw) and you are settled back at home.

The stitches sound awful, they are painful enough without an infection, hope they heal soon!

Remember we need to meet up for coffee and cake in John Lewis soon!

wishingfourgotone Tue 03-Jul-07 22:20:39

well done, hope you didnt forget any of your big shop!

daisyandbabybootoo Tue 03-Jul-07 22:24:03

LOL Doggus...nice to see you've kept your sense of humour after all that. hope things clear up in the arse department soon

Big Big Congratulations, and welcome Arthur!

daisyandbabybootoo Tue 03-Jul-07 22:25:58

oops, that sounded crass ....put it down to sleep deprivation!

I'm glad arthur is ok after your week in hospital [smile}

twoplusone Wed 04-Jul-07 11:44:15

Congrsatulations.. Glad all turned out well in the end for you.

foxybrown Wed 04-Jul-07 19:36:43

Well done Doggus! You did so well - congratulations to you and Mr Doggus too. xx

trendaverter Wed 04-Jul-07 19:53:20

Well done Doggus!

Glad you both made it safe and sound - can't believe you broke a tooth!!

Know where you are coming from re G&A and Pethidine, sounds like you did what was right for you and well done.

Hope the stitches heal soon and welcome to the world Arthur!

bumperlicious Wed 04-Jul-07 22:13:04

Doggus - I missed this! You are such a trouper! Well done to have got as far as you did at home. Staying in hospital is a bit crap too, but glad you are out, and hope you feel better soon xxx

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