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Baby Boy

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kellogs Mon 02-Jul-07 13:33:18

New baby born to kellogs, he was 2 weeks early & weighed 9lb 6 1/2 ozs, he's called Athan Daelan.

Iklboo Mon 02-Jul-07 13:34:10

Congratulations kellogs & family and welcome Athan Daelan!!

bobsmum Mon 02-Jul-07 13:34:40

Congratulations to your little rice krispie

lulumama Mon 02-Jul-07 13:35:38

that's a good weight for an early baby ! well done ! do we get a birth story !

twoplusone Mon 02-Jul-07 14:16:04


daisyandbabybootoo Mon 02-Jul-07 17:25:08

Congratulations Kellogs....
and welcome to the world Athan.

That's an lovely unusual name...what are the origins of it?

What was his birth date? and I'll update the stats list.

Come and join us on the PN thread Here

kiminutter Mon 02-Jul-07 17:36:56


justbeme Mon 02-Jul-07 18:51:02

Congratulations - Wow what a whopper for such an early boy!!

foxybrown Mon 02-Jul-07 20:17:04


hope you are both well.

fryalot Mon 02-Jul-07 20:17:58


and welcome to the world, little man

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