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Diddybump2019 Tue 18-Dec-18 21:24:10

So heres the thing. I've been planning this for ages and as my 20 week scan was yesterday I was meant to be doing the announcement today (announcing on fb is because of family being all over the world). My friend knew what I was doing and even took the photos for me... She's just done her own fb announcement at 3 weeks pregnant....

Im probably being a bit over dramatic but I'm quite hurt after she knew what I was doing... I dont want to "steal the limelight" or looking like I'm copying....

Do I still announce it today or wait a few days?

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costacoffeecup Tue 18-Dec-18 21:27:43

Do you have all the same Facebook friends?

3 weeks is crazy, how has she even got a positive test so early!

EssentialHummus Tue 18-Dec-18 21:35:00

Three weeks??! She's trying to steal your thunder quite blatantly I think. I'd leave it a few days.

Diddybump2019 Tue 18-Dec-18 21:57:45

Her fb announcement was I picture of a clear blue test saying 2-3 weeks along. Obviously she hasn't had any scans yet. I feel betrayed but I think a lot of it is hormones

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HelloRose Fri 21-Dec-18 09:10:55

Definitely trying to steal your thunder I'm afraid. She sounds jealous of you. Give it a few days and do yours as planned. It's madness of her to do one so early any way.

Campurp Fri 18-Jan-19 20:18:57

She definitely sounds like she's trying to steal your thunder BUT who is the announcement for? You said she's a friend and the announcement is for your family members so the chances of her having them on Facebook are slim to none. Announce it anyway. Plus, an actual established ultrasound & belly are more interesting than a picture of a pregnancy test!
Another thing is that you can't control what goes on around you so don't worry about others and do what matters to YOU x

ilovekale Fri 18-Jan-19 20:51:35

Id like to think it's the hormones, as otherwise that was a shit thing of her to do


Diddybump2019 Fri 18-Jan-19 21:03:43

I waited a few days to announce and not long after I did i got messages from her saying I should have waited another month 🤷🏻‍♀️. I'm no longer talking to her

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SparkyBlue Fri 18-Jan-19 21:06:53

She sounds nuts so you are well rid of that friendship. In saying all that I just don't get the whole big announcement thing.

Geekmumtobe Tue 07-May-19 21:08:39

God!! I'm 4 weeks tomorrow and in no way gonna post anything for ages yet 😂😂😂 she sounds a bit of a weirdo and definitely stealing some thunder there! Dont you just love those friends! 🙈

hewontstopshitting Tue 07-May-19 21:12:35

She sounds crazy

SausageSimon Tue 07-May-19 21:17:56

She sounds insane OP!! Get shut of her for good

Blondebrunette1 Sat 10-Aug-19 09:36:26

The girl sounds unstable. I don't think she could steal your thunder in the way she announced as I think unfortunately when people see a positive pregnancy test and realise she's barely missed her period people will be thinking how previous it is to announce so early. Then seeing you are over the first trimester they will know that you've not been the one to hijack any announcements. Personally all that said her thunder is her thunder, your thunder is your thunder, you're equally entitled to just as much fuss and neither of your happiness should detract from the others. In short, you're posting for you and your family not for likes and attention so enjoy your special time. She's been wildly unreasonable to suggest her announcement should affect yours, advise her to get help for self Indulgitis/all about me syndrome. X

1forAll74 Thu 29-Aug-19 02:00:32

OMG. All this facebook stuff.. and now it's causing a problem with pregnancy announcements, !!

I remember when I was pregnant , and we didn't tell anyone at all. I had our baby,then told everyone !! It was a lovely shock for everyone.

Amcor Thu 29-Aug-19 02:15:27

People aren’t really bothered about other people’s lives! No one will remember who posted what when unless they are involved, like close family or friends or work colleagues who will be covering for you! They don’t give it a second thought after they’ve clicked to the next post. Unless you post and post and post and then they get irritated!

It’s an advertising site on the internet, that’s all. There’s millions of them. Unless it’s your livelihood I wouldn’t take it seriously at all.

071019DD Thu 10-Oct-19 12:12:48

She doesn't sound much of a friend tbh confused

LittleMrsMama Mon 25-Nov-19 17:37:38

She doesn't sound like a good friend at all! You're better off without her

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