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Baby Bumperlicious arrives fast and furiously!

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bumperlicious Sat 23-Jun-07 13:33:23

Baby Girl Bumper was born on 20th June at 16.54. Here’s the ‘war story’!

Started an “I think I’m in labour” thread about 11am on the 20th as was feeling crampy and out of sorts and a bit shaky that morning, then started trying to time contractions. Regretted having a hot curry the night before as I tried to go to the loo (painfully), balance the tens machine and wires, whilst contracting and trying not to throw up!

Rang labour unit who tried to encourage me to stay home (becomes clear why later!) but by 1pm contractions were speeding up to 5-4 mins and I just wanted to be checked over so went to the hospital. Was let into the ward in painful contractions and feeling very nauseous, where 2 women were waiting to be induced. One woman said to me “are you waiting to be induced?” and I replied “no I’m waiting to deliver this baby!”. She said “well they’re full upstairs, we’ve been waiting for hours!”

I kept trying to tell them the contractions were getting closer and close, eventually a midwife put me on the bed and examined me and said “the only thing stopping you delivering this baby is your membranes!” so they rushed me into a side room on the ward, not a proper delivery suit, waters broke, they meconium in them so they called the paediatrician. 2 hours of pushing later with the damn tens machine still one (too scared to take it off in case it was actually doing any good!) and gas and air (which I later realised I wasn’t taking properly), and finally DD was born. Quick hold then rushed off to the resascitaire (sp) but all was well and bought back for a long cuddle. 7lb 6oz, but she looked HUGE! All in all was about 6 hours, fast and painful!

Had 2nd degree and upper labial tear (ouch), so was taken off for stitches. Now, I had just delivered a baby on very little pain relief but I am terrified of needles so was really toking on the gas & air at which point I realised what effect it should have been having and realised that I did NOT get enough of it during labour (which I preceded to tell everyone, over and over again) – good stuff, wish I could’ve taken it home!

I think that’s everything! We are back home, and getting on ok, just taking it day by day! Feel like I’ve been hit by a truck!

Thanks for all your support and best wishes xxx

thirtysomething Sat 23-Jun-07 13:36:03

congratulations! Hope you can get some rest and sleep when she sleeps! Do you have a name?

Tentiebug Sat 23-Jun-07 13:57:22

Glad she's here safely.
I sympathise with tearing, esp upwards!!

lulumama Sat 23-Jun-07 14:13:37

congratulations on the safe arrival of your darling girl ! very well done....see, you were in labour !! you did marvellously x

justbeme Sat 23-Jun-07 14:47:47

Congratulations Bumper!! You did really well. glad your home now. Speak on the PN thread, when I get there!

sputnik Sat 23-Jun-07 14:48:20

Congratulations Bumper, she is gorgeous

BibiThree Sat 23-Jun-07 14:49:53

Fabbo news! Congrats! Now go and enjoy your daughter

joash Sat 23-Jun-07 14:58:04

Well done and congratulations

annobal Sat 23-Jun-07 15:03:11

HUGE congratulations to you and Mr Bumper. xxx

daisyboo Sat 23-Jun-07 15:15:09

Bumper WELL DONE....a bit of a quickie really!

sorry about the tear, it sounds painful but i hope its healing well.

congratulations to you and DH and welcome to the world baby bumper [grin[

trendaverter Sat 23-Jun-07 15:47:58

congratulations Bumper!! xxx

Glad you are well and sounds like you coped brilliantly.

See you on the PN thread

twoplusone Sat 23-Jun-07 17:44:24


Klaw Sat 23-Jun-07 20:41:39

Well done Bumperlicious!

Congratulations on the arrival of your baby girl!

bristols Sat 23-Jun-07 20:44:42

Congratulations! Do you have a name yet?

beckmo Wed 27-Jun-07 07:23:05


Gas and air is bloody great hey?

Thank god they found you a room -giving birth in front of all those pre induction ladies would have had them all giving birth.

Know what you mean about the truck.Stay in bed. x

ThomCat Thu 28-Jun-07 13:30:09

Congratulations to you and your family.

Gas and air sounds like it's good stuff, might give it a go myself this time.

Love TC x

bumperlicious Sat 30-Jun-07 08:55:13

Thanks for all your kind wishes, Baby bumper and I are doing fine, getting there with the feeding but it's hard work!

BernieBear Sat 30-Jun-07 09:02:05

Well done - was following your "live labour" thread. You did great. x

doggus Mon 02-Jul-07 22:30:56

Well done bumper! I am abolsutely delighted for you - she is GORGEOUS!

NattyThomasandEllen Thu 05-Jul-07 13:43:00

Well done hun, proud of you! quickie like mine then, and i can sympathise with stiches hope they are less painful now.
lol @ gas and air, my hubby says the same thing!
well done again hope you are doing well xxx

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