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Baby Trendaverter, better late than never!

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trendaverter Fri 22-Jun-07 22:22:42

Sullivan Jack's entry to the world!

Baby Sullivan started his entry to the world 2.5 weeks overdue, at some indeterminate hour a couple of days ago, I have totally lost track of time!

Anyway at 2.30am on the 21st June I went to the hospital after having 20 + hours of contractions every 6 minutes, I needed some pain relief, so they strapped me to a ctg for an hour and said all they could offer me was pethadine to help me sleep and that I was to be induced at 7am.

Not so! I had the pethadine and had a short sleep but 7am came and went, the ward was too busy, and by 10.30am I was having thick and fast contractions on G&A which was doing NOTHING.
I think I was having 1.5 min long contractions, 1.5 minutes apart and I was yelling like some wild animal!! DH put up with me very well. The ward was busy so they put me in a side room and left me to it, basically. At 11am I was in so much pain I was pleading for another pethidine injection as I felt there was no way I could cope with the inducement without help, I was so exhausted.
After all those hours I was still only 4cm dilated.

Despite 2 anti-nausea jabs I was vomiting and shaking and I was struggling so much.

Second pethidine injection didn't touch the pain, I was still struggling with pain even having G&A on top, and refused to be induced while I didn't feel I could cope, after an hour of that I begged for an epidural, something I vowed I would never do.

After weighing it up, there are no prizes for bravery in childbirth and I NEEDED help. I was so tired I was crying and shaking and being sick all over the place. I had to be hooked up to a saline drip as I had lost so much fluid.

Epidural was FABULOUS, I asked for a low dose so I could still 'feel', and then I agreed to the drip - within a few hours I was quite rested, still 'feeling' but coping well, and fully dilated!
I had an hour to 'push' and 20 minutes later he slid out, I tore a little but didn't need stitching, what a relief.

I couldn't hold him as my body went into shock and I started vomiting and shaking again, but after having a little bit of toast I was a bit better and able to hold my boy.

Sullivan was born at 5.28pm on the 21st June, 7.6lbs, eyes were open and he has the most screwed up little face. He is lovely and very easy, and it's wonderful that he already knows my voice.

Please don't let the horrors of my story put you mums-to-be off!
Lets face it, after all that I was still discharged less than 24 hours following the birth so it can't have been that bad!

Pics to follow soon!

babalon Fri 22-Jun-07 22:59:58

Let me be the first mumsnetter to congratulate you

Make sure you get and enjoy your babymoon.

Welcome to the world Sullivan, with a name that strong you are destined for great things.

Dontknowmyarsefrommyelbow Sat 23-Jun-07 09:39:52

Oh TA!

I'm so glad that you have your little one now!!
You've really been through it - you must be knackered?
Don't worry about scaring us about your horror story! You have a lovley little boy who's well and happy (no horror there!)
I am full expecting G&A and pethadine to be shit pain relief for me (I've had it before when I broke my pelvis - and like for you - it didn't touch the pain at all - and pethadine made me vomit everywhere!).

It's brill you're home so soon - and don't have any stitches!!!
Hope you get chance to get some rest
Don't forget - we're still hangin out on the pn thread if you need a chat

justbeme Sat 23-Jun-07 09:41:52

So very happy for you, you've been through so much already, you're a very capable woman and I look forward to "speaking" to you on the PN thread when I get "to the other side!".
Im sure your sense of humour kept you going!!!
ps Was there much swearing?

lulumama Sat 23-Jun-07 09:43:02

<<sob>> well done

I am in awe of you ! you coped so well, and were so did it !!!! you are an inspiration ! very pleased to hear your boy arrived safely and happily

and he shares my birthday ! a solstice baby is lovely !

enjoy him, enjoy him xx

daisyboo Sat 23-Jun-07 10:25:04

aw TA....what an epic journey you've had. I wish I'd had half your strength and resolve.

We are all so so glad that he is here safe and sound at last and as someone else said, it's a lovely strong name.

take arnica for the tear and i hope the two of you are doing well


mumof4aceboys Sat 23-Jun-07 11:17:45

Well DOne TA - you made the right choices at the right time for you and stayed in control. Welcome to the world Sullivan - great name :-)

claire74 Sat 23-Jun-07 11:33:36

Well done what a fab name. look forward to you joining us in post natal.

bumperlicious Sat 23-Jun-07 13:06:56

Oh, TA, thank god that is over. What an ordeal! You are amazing, and so glad it all worked out in the end.

7.6lb (same as DD!), is tiny for a baby 2.5 weeks "overdue" he obviously just came out when he was ready.

Good luck with the next few weeks. I'll see you on post natal! You brilliant woman! Well done!

annobal Sat 23-Jun-07 15:05:15

Well done TA - finally, the wait is over! You really showed amazing strength and patience. LOVE the names!

trendaverter Sat 23-Jun-07 15:33:42

Thanks for all your comments everyone

Sullivan is doing well now, I am shattered but we are learning together.

So pleased with my boy, I plan to get a photo up real soon!

twoplusone Sat 23-Jun-07 17:44:56


Klaw Sat 23-Jun-07 20:04:20

OH TA what a fabulous story!

Welcome to Sullivan, i can't wait to see pics.

I think that you made perfect choices in your circumstances and can feel so proud that you tried so hard! Having an epi may not have been on plan but it was what you needed so good for you.

Enjoy your babymoon and make sure that you get spoiled rotten. Are you taking Arnica to help heal your tender tissues?

Saturn74 Sat 23-Jun-07 20:06:57


foxybrown Sun 24-Jun-07 10:49:42

Congratulations to you honey! Am delighted he's finally out - you can be very, very proud of yourself xx

hollyandalice Sun 24-Jun-07 12:42:21

You are a super star!!

We need to meet up soon for cake and compare our new men!!

Well done and congrats, he is super cute!

pinguthepenguin Sun 24-Jun-07 16:41:07

Mucho Congrats TA!

well done to you and little Sullivan

pingu x

beckmo Wed 27-Jun-07 07:19:06

Oh he came the same day as mine!The wild animal behaviour sounds familar as well..

Someone told me I would moo like a cow. If I did it was a deranged screaming sobbing nasty cow!What I wouldn't have done for an epidural....

Congratulations and well done!


doggus Mon 02-Jul-07 22:39:42

Well done - TA, am with you on the useless pethidine and G&A! Love the name...

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