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BlueCheese23 Wed 28-Nov-18 21:56:39

I gave birth just yesterday... I'm so tired... Does anyone else relate?? My first birth was easy but my new baby girl took a long time and a lot of my strength. I feel violently ill. Is this normal????? Any tips?? Please help.. confused

Urbanbeetler Wed 28-Nov-18 21:58:23

Congratulations on your new daughter.

What do you mean by violently ill? Vomiting? High temperature? Are you at home? Do you have anyone else there with you?

Welshmum16 Thu 29-Nov-18 17:30:00


I just had my second child yesterday, had a water birth. I found it harder this time or just forgot how hard it was last time but the stomach cramp after have been very painful, also aching.

Has you midwife been around yet?

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