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NattyThomasandEllen... finally a birth annoucement!

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FattyNattyThomasandEllen Tue 19-Jun-07 08:44:37

hullo guys!
well it has taken over a month to get the internet up and running, and i havent been able to get down to cafe with 2 kids screaming at me, so it has had to wait till now!

Ellen Joyce O'Dwyer, 10.42am 24th may, weighing 6lb 9oz.

ok, i went into labour on the 24th may, at 5am! the contractions close together so we went straight in (and i also had GBS so had to get in for antibiotics) was examined at about 6 and found to be 4cm dialated already (in one hour )
i then went to 10cm by 7.30 and was ready to push.
was pushing for around 2hours before they resorted to forceps.. ouch!
however she made it safe and well, and it doing fine!

love to all


CristinaTheAstonishing Tue 19-Jun-07 08:46:01

Many congratulations on Ellen's safe arrival! Enjoy being with your new baby.

annobal Tue 19-Jun-07 08:47:20

Good to hear from your Natty. Huge congratulations on the birth of Ellen. xxx

bumperlicious Tue 19-Jun-07 08:49:18

Good to finally hear from you Natty, we've been worried! Congratulations, glad you are all doing well.

FattyNattyThomasandEllen Tue 19-Jun-07 08:53:45

ah ta girlys!
so gutted i missed all the births

hollyandalice Tue 19-Jun-07 09:25:19

Great to hear from you natty! Glad you and ellen are well, will be joining you on the PN thread soon (hopefully)!! xxx

daisyboo Tue 19-Jun-07 09:32:24

Congratulations again Natty, and fantastic that you're back with us . Sorry it wasn't as straightforward as you'd hoped, but glad she is safe and well......any pics or are they on your blog!

Off to chase you round the site to catch up your news!

Ellbell Tue 19-Jun-07 09:37:52

Congratulations! And what a gorgeous name (I am biased though, it's dd2's name!)

trace2 Tue 19-Jun-07 09:39:44

congrats natty glad things ok with you and baby

justbeme Tue 19-Jun-07 10:06:06

Congratulations Natty - Glad all is well.

foxybrown Tue 19-Jun-07 14:00:16

Congratulations and well done! We've been wondering and worrying about you Mrs!!

Glad to hear from you and that everything is good! xx

doggus Tue 19-Jun-07 19:50:04

Hi Natty and very well done, delighted to hear all is well with you and Ellen.

NattyThomasandEllen Wed 20-Jun-07 15:26:01

thanks again girlys!
hope to keep up with messages on here, im finding 2 under 2 rather difficult lol!

love to all

foxybrown Wed 20-Jun-07 17:40:43

It gets easier Natty, I promise

lulumama Wed 20-Jun-07 18:42:24

congratulations on the safe arrival of your darling very very pleased for you all x

BabyMadandBIGbump Thu 21-Jun-07 11:20:16

Congratulations chick well done!

NattyThomasandEllen Thu 21-Jun-07 12:37:46

oh baby mad when u due!

Twiga Fri 22-Jun-07 13:17:22

congratulations on Ellen's safe arrival!

BabyMadandBIGbump Fri 22-Jun-07 14:30:25

Six weeks and counting everything is ready just waitting for babe now! How are you all, not spoke to you in a while!

NattyThomasandEllen Thu 05-Jul-07 13:46:19

im good thank you, been busy tho!
will be looking out for babymad jnr on the annoucement threads xxx

DebitheScot Wed 11-Jul-07 09:17:11

Congratulations from all of us on the April06 thread. We've been wondering how you are doing. Glad to see you are all good.

SlightlyMadSpider Wed 11-Jul-07 19:54:21

Indeed Congrats from April '06 thread.....

Ponka Thu 12-Jul-07 15:53:54

Congratulations, Natty! I've only just heard. I have been wondering how you've been getting on. Beautiful name.

Come and say hello to us on the April thread soon.

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