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Telling parents

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Liamc96 Tue 09-Oct-18 22:10:25

Hi all,

I am going to start from the beginning to give a good perspective of what has gone on in my life so you can give me your honest opinions.okay here I go.
About 2 years ago I met a woman who I am currently with, There is a 20 year age gap she is older than me we absolutely adore each other and my parents have struggled to come to terms with how I handle the situation of telling them this news.
I basically was travelling from Ireland to England by plane to meet my partner we had met quite a few times and then she finally came to Ireland to see me we stayed in a hotel for the first few night but then went back to my own house for a few night where they finally met. It was terribly uncomfortable (oh I forgot to mention she had a daughter yes nuts I know but what can you do you love someone you love someone) so this made for quite an awkward meet up. And eventually after a few nights there I deided I was going to go back with my partner and stay with her in England and to be honest I didn’t really do this in the best way as it was out of the blue.
When I was in England my relationship with my parents deteriorated and further more a few months on and my partner was pregnant and I took an awful lot to get the courage to tell them and obviously it didn’t go well so and not long after that we had a miss carriage and I told my parents this too and i believe I said to my mum “I bet you’re happy about that” which she replied “well Im not upset about it”.
So nearly a year past before we spoke again and slowly the relationship with them got better and I have gone back twice since. I think they had a change of heart towards the fact it is my life and I am actually doing well at work and things like that. So we have began to speak a lot more and my partner has spoken to them also and they can see we actually fit each other.

And now around to current times, so we are expecting again and this time all is well and it going really good, So with telling my parents I’m thinking this time around I would give my parents a text message to give them the heads up and let there emotions run through and then eventually when they are ready to call me and have a chat about it all.

Liamc96 Tue 09-Oct-18 22:11:47

So my question to you all is what would you do? What do you think of giving a message this time around to let them get to grip with the news before having a chat.
Or should I call them?
Please let me know what you think give you honest opinions.

Thanks a lot keep smiling

loveiseverything Fri 07-Dec-18 22:08:47

Hi Liam, I wouldn't suggest a text message. I tend to find this riles people up all the more. Are you able to take a trip with your other half to see them? They may take it better that you've gone to them, the both of you together showing solidarity and explain this is what you both want. At the end of the day, this is YOUR life, YOUR family...
Please do NOT allow your parents to ruin it for you
All the luck in the world

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