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Scared for gender reveal

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Holly0095 Tue 11-Sep-18 23:59:05

Hi all, I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who's recently found out she's pregnant, (I'm a tiny bit jealous 🙈)
Basically she's had her mind set on a little girl for years now since she was a little girl herself,
and even now she keeps saying "when she's born" or "I'm buying that for her" got lots of girls names picked out or circled in the magazines she's buying and everything.
I don't no what to say to her to get her to realise now that she might actually have a boy. I fear that at the gender scan that she will be disappointed.....And i won't be with her as I'm at work unfortunately, but I am able to be there for her after if she's needs it, as I no now she will be... not disappointed but slightly unhappy if it's not a little girl, it will slightly burst her bubble.
can anyone suggest things I can tell her or even show her on this post of similar situations. Thanks and hope this makes sense smile xx

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rach2713 Mon 29-Oct-18 22:13:51

I was the same when I had my 1st always wanted a girl never looked at boy stuff or boy names would always go for girly things. Until he was born I didn't know what I was having I was really happy he was a boy and would never change him. Now I also have 2 girls and another on the way so I got my girl in the end lol xx

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