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Who to tell next? Early pregnancy!

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Lucymumof1 Sat 08-Sep-18 09:56:37

I’m only about 3-4 week pregnant, I’ve told my partner and have my first midwifes appointment next week. I work in a very active job where lifting heavy stuff is required but my partner doesn’t want anyone else to know until 12 weeks just in case. The last time a girl got pregnant at work it was spread around before she had even left the office! Which is one of my concerns, as I don’t want one of them to blurt it out to someone else. It’s my 2nd and his 1st so we want to make sure everything is ok before we start telling family and my son (8yo) so I don’t want to tell work first but it is at the front of my mind about how hard the job is that I don’t want to risk not telling them and having to do my usual work. Any help would be much appreciated

peppersprayfirstapologiselater Sat 08-Sep-18 09:59:54

Nothing should be 'spread around' at work? It's confidential health related information.

You need to tell them for your and your baby's safety. Just be sure to tell your manager that you haven't told your families or friends yet so do not want anybody else knowing.


Emma765 Sat 08-Sep-18 10:00:59

If not telling them means you'll be doing some heavy lifting that could put your baby at risk, then you absolutely need to tell them as soon as possible. Not putting your baby at risk is more important than preventing rumours.

Lucymumof1 Sat 08-Sep-18 11:59:02

Unfortunately everything gets spread around work, even if you have a confidential conversation as we have a few managers who like a good gossip. It’s not a sort of job where you can change to light duties without everyone figuring out that something is different, I’m not at work until after the midwife appointment which is a bonus so will go from there! Thank you 😊

Emma765 Sat 08-Sep-18 12:10:01

Exactly, as soon as you switch to light duties people will guess but not switching to light duties isn't an option as you need to do what's best for the baby. Gossip in that sense is inevitable but the gossipy managers need putting in their place.

My job is office based but everyone guessed due to my eating rice cakes constantly and ducking out of meetings a lot to run to the loo. Ended up telling everyone much sooner than originally intended.

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