How do I hide my pregnancy?

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sarahdeebur Wed 05-Sep-18 22:22:00

Hi girls

I just found out I'm pregnant at 4 weeks and my friends baby has a christening when I am 8 weeks and most of our close friends will be there.

They are good friend of ours however things have changed in our friendships that has made me drift away from them that I would rather wait till I have my first scan and make sure everything is alright before I say anything.

Not just that I don't want to put the spotlight on me on her baby's christening day.

How do I go to the christianing and hide the pregnancy from everyone?

Tips please grin

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NC4Now Wed 05-Sep-18 22:23:49

You won’t be showing at 8 weeks, so drive and use that as an excuse to not drink. I don’t think there’s anything else to hide really.

randomsabreuse Wed 05-Sep-18 22:25:50

Drive there. Lose the discussion with DH about drinking (assuming drinks will be involved) and "share" the driving by you driving there and him driving back.

Or your friends, he drinks rules.

If you're struggling with sickness no great ideas as I was lucky enough to avoid...

Holly0095 Tue 11-Sep-18 23:30:08

Sorry butting in, a friend of mine was in a similar situation but with a wedding (definitely booze included at such an event hahah) and she used an excuse that she was on a medication for head aches and wasn't allowed to drink while she was on them.
And don't forget it's "go sober this October" that can also be used as an excuse to, if it's not quite October then just say your preparing your body for it (make it a silly matter and people will believe it more, not to much details or people will begin to wonder lol)
Good luck and congrats xx

SleepingStandingUp Tue 11-Sep-18 23:33:54

It's a christening so it tends to be low alcohol. Do you drive? Some answer. Otherwise certain antibiotics for infections in moist places CANNOT be combined with alcohol. Google will supply an answer.
4 weeks will still be October so Sober October but without sponsorship will work for even the just a sip argument.

Dunnock91 Mon 01-Oct-18 14:23:13

I found out 3 days before my annual family and friend BBQ, I've hosted it every year for the past 5 years and there's always drinking games and lots of alcohol. I poured myself a shloer in a wine glass before people arrived so when I answered the door it looked like I had a glass of wine, i then drank lemonade for half the night (got bloated) and then took my glass to the loo and topped it up with water on each trip. When it came to the jello shots and other party games i made myself look busy, played with the dog or tidied up the plates etc. We've recently told everyone about the pregnancy and not 1 person at the BBQ realised I wasn't drinking.wineginwine

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