27 weeks no-one knows

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peterpanwendy Fri 13-Apr-18 09:02:58

Hi @Cloudywishes I couldn't read and run. I'm sorry I haven't been in a similar position but I have been on the other side, I have a sibling with a big age gap to me and I would encourage you to tell your DC. They might not react great to start but equally they might all be ecstatic. I also wouldn't tell them that you think the new baby is unfair, just go along the lines of it being a pleasant surprise and hopefully one that will fit in nicely with your family smile I think the longer you leave it the harder it will be! It'll be good for them to have time to adjust to the thought of the new arrival before he/she is there.

As for telling extended family.. I also hate Facebook and haven't announced on there about my pregnancy! I would just tell the people you want to know personally (text/phone call is fine!) so that they don't get upset and feel like you didn't trust them/ care about them enough to share your news. Even though clearly this isn't the case they might not see it that way!

Congratulations on your pregnancy you seem to be handling the shock well and hopefully in a few months you will wonder why you were ever worried x

Cloudywishes Tue 10-Apr-18 12:33:25

Hi everyone,
I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant with baby no.4, unplanned and unexpected. The only person that knows is my boyfriend of 3yrs. I'm having trouble coming to terms with the fact I'm expecting as we agreed we didn't want a child together (he has 4 from previous relationship aged 19,18,15,14) (mine are 12,10,9)
I don't know how they will react. If they don't agree and get upset how can I reassure them it's ok if I myself am upset and don't agree with the new baby being fair?
I don't have any family or friends close by that I see, I just keep in touch with people on Facebook from time to time.
I feel awkward about announcing it on Facebook, I know everyone will be happy and congratulating us, but I'm not happy about it so would rather not have all that sort of attention.
Do I just sit it out until after the birth, when hopefully I've come to terms with the idea of a new baby and would like to then share it with everyone?.... But what if I haven't by then?
I'm feeling a bit lost and lonely,
So any advice is welcome

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