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Toothache has had her Extraction!

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Toothache Thu 05-Aug-04 11:59:40

Morning All!

Baby Elizabeth Anne (Beth) was born at 0310 hrs on Monday 2nd August!

We're still in total shock that we've got a girl, our house has never had anything pink in it before!

I had been 2-3 cm dilated since Friday, so when my backache got worse on Sunday I decided to go into hospital. I was 4cm dilated. After 4 hrs I was STILL 4cm dilated, but I kind of thought so as the contractions weren't painful at all. The MW broke my waters at 10pm. At 2am the contractions had intensified, but still okay with Entonox and I was 6-7cm dilated. The Doc said they would examine me in 2hrs and perhaps give me syntocin (sp?)!! However, Beth had other ideas as within the hour I was pushing...... 3 pushes and out she came! It was so quick in the end.

Just had a small tear needing 3 stitches.

Breastfeeding is coming along nicely although I'm VERY SORE!

Thank goodness that's all over!!

BlossomHill Thu 05-Aug-04 12:00:38

Congratulations Toothache and welcome to the world Elizabet Anne (lovely name)

BlossomHill Thu 05-Aug-04 12:00:56

Sorry, Elizabeth Anne!

Tissy Thu 05-Aug-04 12:01:58

Well done, toothache

Toothache Thu 05-Aug-04 12:02:04

Meant to add..... despite my HUGE SIZE.... she was only 7lb (ALL HEAD I THINK!! ).

expatkat Thu 05-Aug-04 12:02:10

Welcome Baby Beth! And well done, toothache

motherinferior Thu 05-Aug-04 12:02:16

Fab work! Congratulations! Well done!!

Girls are LOVELY. And you don't have to break out the pink for, oooh, a couple of years if you don't want to - although I warn you there'll be no stopping it then!

whymummy Thu 05-Aug-04 12:02:49


tiamaria Thu 05-Aug-04 12:03:06

Toothache - CONGRATULATIONS! I love the name you've chosen!

Piffleoffagus Thu 05-Aug-04 12:04:10

Congrats, that was all bit sudden!!!
Well done adn welcome little little Beth

PandaBear Thu 05-Aug-04 12:05:31

Congratulations... sounds like a good experience too! All the best for the hard work of the next few weeks and welcome to baby Beth!

windypops Thu 05-Aug-04 12:06:05

Congratulations mate, and welcome Beth, I am sure it wont be too long till I come up for a visit. XXX

eyelash Thu 05-Aug-04 12:07:06

Congratulations and well done to you all

Angeliz Thu 05-Aug-04 12:07:22


Welcome to the world Elizabeth Anne+

Well done Toothache, girls are great

coppertop Thu 05-Aug-04 12:07:47

Message withdrawn

serenequeen Thu 05-Aug-04 12:14:34

congratulations! well done and welcome to beth.

Northerner Thu 05-Aug-04 12:19:55

Woo Hooooo!!!

Congratulations and what a beautiful name,


hana Thu 05-Aug-04 12:23:24

congratulatons Toothache! Lovely name, you must be thrilled to meet her at long last!
don't worry too much about the pink. YET!

posyhairdresser Thu 05-Aug-04 12:26:21

Well done Toothache - have been thinking about you for the last few days and scanning mn for news!

Podmog Thu 05-Aug-04 12:26:27

Message withdrawn

dejags Thu 05-Aug-04 12:26:51

Congratulations Toothache... well done and so glad you had a good birth...

Blu Thu 05-Aug-04 12:27:38

Aaaah! Well done, congratulations, and welcmoe to beth

bundle Thu 05-Aug-04 12:27:44

welcome to the world of pink, and well done!

Toothache Thu 05-Aug-04 12:35:25

Thanks everyone.

The birth went well and I must say that I really couldn't have coped as well had it not been for the most AMAZING 2nd yr student MW!! She was fab.... and I didn't even get her name!

aloha Thu 05-Aug-04 12:36:11

Congratulations! Happy shopping for lots of pink!

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