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Gender guess please

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nacu11986 Fri 20-Oct-17 23:18:33

Hi all !
Would love to know what your gender guesses for baby no2 ! On the right is a scan picture of my son and on the left is this baby . Let me know ! Thanks

nacu11986 Fri 20-Oct-17 23:28:24

I meant pic w 2scans on it is my son on the right and no2 on the left and no2 on a single picture x

Roxx1516 Sat 21-Oct-17 13:12:05


user1499786242 Sat 21-Oct-17 13:23:09

Oooh tricky
The nub is angled slightly down but I also see stacking which would point towards a boy!!!
Any more pics?

nacu11986 Sat 21-Oct-17 14:38:41

2 more . What makes you think it’s a boy ? X

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