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Jaysecond makes his appearance!

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Jaysecond Mon 19-Mar-07 21:38:55

Hi all hope not to bore you too much with details but here goes!

I was 7 days overdue when i had a membrane sweep (Friday 16th March) almost straight away i started with v mild contractions, these carried on throughout the day and evening, by 3 in the morning they were coming every 10 mins for about 40 secs. I sat up most of the night and by 6 ish on Sat morning i called the hospital to tell them. I went in and was examined but was only 2-3 cms, so i came home. By 11 on Sat night they had started to get more intense and more regualr so i went in again. This time i had hit active labour and was 4 cm.... I wanted a pool birth and so at 11 50 got into the best bath in the world (for a start it covered my bump!!) i laboured well without any pain relief till about 1 30 when the contractions were getting more and more intense, the gas and air was magic, and i think i remember saying, i cant wait for the next contraction so i can get high again! (hated G&A in my first labour!) the next hour was ok, i got by and couldnt believe how easy it was to switch from having agonising contractions and panting for Britain, to continuing a conversation with MW about nothing in particular!!Anyway, about 2 30 and i wasnt getting any relief between contractions, this is when i started the Primal Screaming!! I knew i was doing it and boy was it loud, but there was nothing i could do to stop it. I found myself going with my body and doing what felt natural, and that was to push!! Next i felt AND heard my waters go, a really loud pop and then a gush ( all this while still in the pool ) i had two maybe three pushes and his head was out, thats when it got a bit scarey.... His shoulders got well and truely stuck and i had two more contractions, with hard pushing before the MW said i should get out as he wasnt budging now i am high on G&A, I have delivered babys head and now i have to get out of the pool!!! My poor DH had to lift me, quite literally, while all the time worryng about slipping and falling etc etc! So by the time i lay down on the floor and had one push he had been born! Poor Poor thing, becasue he had been born too quickly and becasue he had got wedged, the blood had been forced to his head and this had casued massive bruising and swelling to his head, face eyes and cheeks.... my DH saw him before i did and told me he was the darkest shade of purple ever.... the crash team were called and all i kept asking was 'is he ok' he didnt cry out or breath straight away but took about 30 secs, which is a lifetime in that situation! Anyway the crash team werent really needed, so they left and i was able to have skin to skin contact and feed him! So while it was frantic at the end, i had a really good labour and i have to say i really enjoyed it! I am glad i managed no drugs (G&A excluded) and no epidural AND pool birth, none of which i was able to do with DD. He weighed in at a hefty 11lbs 2ozs, no wonder he got stuck i think hes going to be a rugby player! I was taken to the ward at about 5 ish (after having stitchs for 2nd degree tear) but was able to go home at 2pm!!
Hes doing really well and i am just starting to come back down to earth with-out a bump!!
Best get off now and feed the chap, hes so demanding!!!

TheBlonde Mon 19-Mar-07 21:40:56

Well done, many congrats

colditz Mon 19-Mar-07 21:41:59

Well done. Congratulations.

VioletBaudelaire Mon 19-Mar-07 21:42:11

What a lovely big boy, and what a great labour, even though the delivery sounds quite scary.

bonkerz Mon 19-Mar-07 21:45:11

congratulations Jay

lulumama Mon 19-Mar-07 21:45:27

congratulations on the safe arrival of your boy ! well done, sounds like it went well, apart from the very last bit, but you did it !

enjoy x

WestCountryLass Tue 20-Mar-07 20:46:01

Congratulations on the arrival of your big bruiser, quite literally!

morocco Tue 20-Mar-07 20:50:12

wow!! and double wow!! to the size of him. it sounds a lovely birth (apart from scary end bit) and you sound so happy.

Jaysecond Tue 20-Mar-07 20:53:26

Thanks for your well wishes ladies, nice to have them!

AmieR Tue 20-Mar-07 21:01:59

Well done Jay!!! glad all is OK, and what a big lad! he's well over twice Joseph's birth weight!!!

Mossie Wed 21-Mar-07 10:35:48

Jay congratulations glad it went well (apart from the end bit) what a big chappie!

Piffle Wed 21-Mar-07 10:38:24

REally well done Jay!
Hope he is settling down nicely for you at home and that you're healing up ok.

JoPG Sun 25-Mar-07 21:41:53

Congratulations Jay

Your littl bundle shares a birthday with my DD, (17th march I think from your birth story). A fab day for a bday!

scully Mon 26-Mar-07 03:34:49

Congrats Jay, well done, he's a big boy

Jaysecond Sun 08-Apr-07 22:17:13

pics here for anyone who wants to have a nosey!

lucy5 Sun 08-Apr-07 22:18:43

Wow! Well done!

Biglips Tue 24-Jul-07 21:59:06

jay - aww congrats to a bonny boy (no wonder he got stuck as you said - bless him) and i love your garden..wish i had a garden now!

But anyway...well done

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