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In-laws reaction to pregnancy announcement AIBU

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BankHolidayNewbie Mon 17-Apr-17 12:36:24

Hi all, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster here. 11 weeks pregnant with a much longed for second baby. DD is almost 4. I've always had a strained relationship with my in-laws. I've been called a snob by MIL when DH & I first got together & recently got called a bully by my FIL. None of this is face to face, but said behind my back to DH & I've overheard so god knows what else has been said (DH does defend me). Much of this stems from me suffering with anxiety & struggling to find common ground with my in-laws. I know I can be hard going at times but that's just the way I am. Anyway today we announced our second pregnancy to them. MIL just says 'oh so you're having another one', makes no move to congratulate me & starts asking about my sister who is also expecting & seems more excited to hear she's having a girl than our new news. FIL does seem more interested & hugs me but then proceeds to ask the due date & announces that's the day his mother died. AlBU to be extremely upset & also fuming about their reaction considering they know I suffer from anxiety? Surely that's not a normal comment to make? DH is now completely stuck in the middle & I don't know how to respond (other than I've walked away upset & in shock).

SSF8 Sun 30-Apr-17 08:59:52

Ignore them! If you and your OH are happy. Then what's it got to do with them? You've got your perfect little family, and it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks.
Be the bigger person. Don't let it bother you.
They'll soon be round for cuddles with their new grandchild once it's born.
Hope you have a happy, healthy & stress free pregnancy. Good luck to you x

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