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In-laws reaction to pregnancy announcement AIBU

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BankHolidayNewbie Mon 17-Apr-17 12:36:24

Hi all, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster here. 11 weeks pregnant with a much longed for second baby. DD is almost 4. I've always had a strained relationship with my in-laws. I've been called a snob by MIL when DH & I first got together & recently got called a bully by my FIL. None of this is face to face, but said behind my back to DH & I've overheard so god knows what else has been said (DH does defend me). Much of this stems from me suffering with anxiety & struggling to find common ground with my in-laws. I know I can be hard going at times but that's just the way I am. Anyway today we announced our second pregnancy to them. MIL just says 'oh so you're having another one', makes no move to congratulate me & starts asking about my sister who is also expecting & seems more excited to hear she's having a girl than our new news. FIL does seem more interested & hugs me but then proceeds to ask the due date & announces that's the day his mother died. AlBU to be extremely upset & also fuming about their reaction considering they know I suffer from anxiety? Surely that's not a normal comment to make? DH is now completely stuck in the middle & I don't know how to respond (other than I've walked away upset & in shock).

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