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Age gap for children of 22 years

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user1492204431 Fri 14-Apr-17 22:28:46

Hi everyone,
Certainly didn't think I'd ever be posting on a site like this, I've recently turned 40 and my daughter will be 22 in June and I discovered yesterday that I'm expecting, I reckon around December, I know things have changed since my girl was born but I didn't realise how much, seems it's not even the gp I go through now, it's the midwife service, sorry if I'm rambling but I actually can't remember the early days of my pregnancy, and I'm having a few aches and pains is this normal, spoke to nhs24 and was told to wait until my appointment 3rd may to discuss this but I'm just kinda nervous now, this baby was a total shock but now it's happened I'm actually over the moon about it, thanks for any tips/advice for the aches and the difficulties/experiences anyone could share about being an older mum (still can't quite believe it lol)


Ledkr Fri 14-Apr-17 22:55:24

I had dd 6 years ago Aged 43.
My other kids were 27 25 21 and 9.
I was perfectly well and have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.
I had a bit of SPD but had acupuncture and osteopathy which helped. I worked until my due date and had a c section (because is already had 3)
The only thing I did differently was that I had very early screening privately at a Harley street clinic.
She certainly keeps me fit and active.

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