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announcing pregnancy at same time as friend

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Katty12345 Sun 12-Feb-17 12:46:02

Hope everyone is well with baby bumps!

Just a question that I've been curious about since announcing my pregnancy to some friends.

A few weeks back I decided to share my news at dinner with a group of close friends. We were all together and I'd had my scan so just seemed like a lovely time. When I did though one of my friends was really weird when I took the news. Didn't seem happy at all and then proceeded to be very quiet and act strange the rest of the meal (which didn't go unnoticed by the others) my instant reaction was oh my god I hope everything is ok (I.e shed not been having any issues herself) and then I felt a bit bad as obviously I could understand her reaction if that was the case.

So didn't hear anything from her after this until a couple of days ago when she sent a what's app group announcing her pregnancy to same group of friends. She said she was going to tell everyone that night but I did and she decided not too (as she didn't want to'steal my thunder) I totally wouldn't have seen it like that..,for me the more the merrier! And it would have been an even more special celebration (rather the on the contrary what ended up making me feel a bit crappy!)I mean obviously it's great news and I'm so relieved that everything is ok more than anything. I just thought if you were going to make the decision to do that (which could just be a nice sentiment on her part) at least then try and be happy about it!lol
Maybe she was a bit annoyed as she had planned to tell everyone and then I almost stole her thunder lol (especially as it's my second) it's prob a good job she didn't first or I totally would've been like oh me too and maybe she wouldn't have liked that.

Anyway sorry it's all a bit insignificant and ultimately amazing news for both parties. It just made me feel a bit weird! I think I'm just feeling sensitive as I feel like every time one of my friends has something happening in their lives I'm just so happy and excited and feel like whenever it's my turn something always happens to make it a bit strange! Haha


INeedNewShoes Sun 12-Feb-17 12:50:57

You did nothing wrong here, clearly.

It was just slightly unfortunate timing. But the decision was in her hands to choose not to share her news so she can't be in a huff about it.

Why not suggest that you all get together for a celebratory drink (of elderflower cordial for you two wink to toast her pregnancy?

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