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Bienchen has her homebirth

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Bienchen Fri 23-Feb-07 13:43:19

Catherine Isabelle was born on Thu, 22/2/07 at 11:26am weighing 3.5kg (7lb 7oz).

DS was born 12 years ago in hospital, failed ventouse, finally delivered by forceps with major stitches to boot. DS was jaundiced and we had 4 nights in hospital, so you can imagine that I was hoping for a better experience this time.

DP and I feel incredibly privileged as there were so many lucky circumstances.

It had been a bit of a family joke that the baby was not allowed to arrive before Wednesday evening as I was keen to sit an exam... which I did. DP then decided the celebrate by getting a take away curry and carrying on reiterating how he really fancied having Thursday off - he even left his boots unpolished (unheard of...)

I woke at around 1:30am with some pains but really thought it was just late pg aches and pains. Went to loo but thought it was the curry (sorry if too much info).

Pains were strong and I found it better to sit up in bed as I thought maybe just maybe it was the start of something. Got up at 3am to give DP some more sleep and went downstairs to sit on birthing ball. Realised that contractions were 10 mins apart and about 15 secs long.

Woke DP at 4:30 (his usual time for getting to work) and asked for help with getting TENS on. Had toast and started to sort out bedroom ready for after birth.

By about 6am contractions were every 5 mins and lasting longer. Decided to take the dog for a quick walk - with me stopping frequently to breathe though contractions leaning against DP.

By 7am decided to ring mw who had been caring for me during pg. His mobile was switched off, so left message and said I'd contact labour ward to inform community mw on duty. My mw rang back and said he would pop over after shower and b/fast - arrived 7:45am.

Quick chat as it is his normal day off and he informs me that he is on duty today. Decides to do internal and finds me 3-4cm dilated, so it is labour after all. He calls second mw who turns out to be the mw who looked after me when pg with DS 12 years ago!

9:00 friends call to collect dog for a few days - one thing less to worry about as our Jack Russell was watching both mw suspiciously.

By 9:05 I feel ready for something a bit stronger and start on Entonox. Had v bad memories of this from first birth (nausea and vomiting) but am doing well with it.

Am asked whther I mind a student mw attending who turns up an hour later.

9:30am - another internal and to my utter surprise I am 7cm dilated, cervix v soft and stretchy, mw extremely pleased with progress.

10:00 decide that I fancy a change of scenery and we decamp upstairs to bedroom. Boys are sorting out sheets and mw box, I'm puffing away on Entonox to find that canister is running out. Luckily second mw has spare in her boot. We swap over in between contractions but find that second canister has a dodgy valve and is losing gas and air. DP volunteers to switch off and on as I need it. All the while I hurl myself into his shoulders, lovehandles etc whenever contractions are hitting me.

10:45 Entonox from second canister is running low despite our rationing and I argue with mw how to best get new supplies. Mw I'm nearly there ... I disagree strongly

11:00 fully dilated and mw suggests he breaks my waters to speed things up. I agree as I am beginning to get a bit tired and worn out.

Then things get a bit frantic as I suddenly get the feeling that I can't cope anymore. Am asked to push which I do but it is incredibly hard work. I ask for more pain relief but mw decline as "I am nearly there". I want drugs and they refuse - how dare they !!!! They don't even let me have G&A anymore!!!

In the end they hoist me on the bed into a sitting type positions. V uncomfortable. Legs are held by mw and DP respectively and I lean back into second mw. Somehow with lots of pushing and v clear guidance on oushing and panting, I manage to birth our little girl, no cuts or stitches. Placenta follows as I am happy to have injection.

DD has cord around her neck when born and needs oxygen fore a few minutes but does fine at 5 and 10 min check. I am all shaky with adrenalin.

So, two hours later, after a bath and cup of tea I am sitting in my living room, looking at this little sleepy bundle, DP has tears in eyes and we start to ring family and friends.

Just v happy and grateful - a great experience and so happy with the care we had.

belgo Fri 23-Feb-07 13:54:00

Congratulations! and a lovely name.

Nip Fri 23-Feb-07 13:57:26

Thats really great news to have a good birth - CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME to your precious little daughter!

lulumama Fri 23-Feb-07 15:53:51

welcome to Catherine Isabelle !

congratulations, on what sounds like a wonderful birth xx

sweetkitty Fri 23-Feb-07 16:00:20

Many congratulations you sound so happy and on top of the world.

(With DD2 my contractions started at 1.30am too but she was born at 4am impatient little madam homebirths rock)

titchy77 Fri 23-Feb-07 17:47:49

congratulations and welcome catherine

andyrobo237 Fri 23-Feb-07 18:15:52

congratulations - enjoy your new LO - hope your dog gets used to her!!

peachygirl Sat 24-Feb-07 15:55:02

Congratulations bienchen, what a great birth story

SmudgeMum Tue 27-Feb-07 12:14:06

Congrats Bienchen. How considerate of Catherine to fit in with your plans so well. Glad you got your homebirth and that all is going well.

Lio Tue 27-Feb-07 12:21:35

Wonderful story, so glad you had a GOOD experience this time. Beautiful names too. There may well have been several threads about this that I've missed, but were you perfectly OK about male midwife?

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