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Leahsmum receives a quick delivery! (time for a name change I think)

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leahsmum Tue 20-Feb-07 23:36:36

Well folks as you know I was scheduled for an induction of labour on Thursday 15th. Arrived at hospital at 2pm, shown to antenatal ward where I was given prostin pessarie at 3.15pm. Started feeling a bit niggly from about 5.30ish, by 6pm was terribly uncomfortable - finding very difficult to sit down, attempting to kneel on the bed on all fours and look comfortable to avoid alarming my visitors (mum, dad and dp) my dad looked terrified (worries a bit too much). Mum and Dad left at 8pm and sent DP home at 8.45 so I could go for a bath and try and get some rest. I honestly thought the pains were prostin pains (apparently with inductions these come first). Had a bath and 2 paracetamol - not that either of them were any help. By the time I got back to the ward after my bath I couldnt sit at all - was getting no time in between contractions. 2 ladies on the ward kept telling me to get the mw and let her know how bad the pains were but I still thought they would stop anytime. However, mw popped in to check on us at around 10.40 so I told her how I was feeling and she put me on the monitor (very awkward as I had to do this standing up - no way my bum was going on a bed!) Said she would come back in 15mins and examine me, 45 mins later still not returned so I mentioned to a passing auxilary nurse that I had the urge to push either that or I needed the toilet. She rapidly returned with mw who was only leaving me for 15mins. Quickly examined me and found that I was fully dilated! Phoned dp to get here urgently. Before I knew where i was I was on a wheelchair being rushed to labour ward - like a scene from casualty with mw's all up the corridors holding doors and lifts open!! Very funny now I think about it. Waters burst in the lift and mad dash to delivery room. As soon as I got in there I was sick everywhere - i think the shock that baby was about to be born and dp and mum were still at home and journey would take at least 10mins! Kept shouting that baby wasnt coming till they arrived. As it turned out dp ran in the door as baby's head was crowning, I realised mum was still in the corridor as she wasnt being allowed in, I then said to mw that baby wasn't coming till my mum got in so dp was sent to shout her in. Mum and DP got back in the room just as Sophie's little head was about to be born. 17 mins after arriving in the delivery room Sophie Louise was born weighing a healthy 7lb 4oz!!

She is absolutely delicious!! And her doting big sisteri s absolutely delighted with her too.

Sorry about the long post - better shoot now as dd2 is screaming her little lungs out for mummy's milk!!

yelnats Wed 15-Feb-12 22:15:00

This is my birth story, from 5 years ago under my previous name grin

Bumping for old timesake grin

ScoobyDooooo Mon 26-Feb-07 18:35:45

Congratualtions, what a fast birth that was, love the name i have a Sophie too

leahsmum Mon 26-Feb-07 18:29:37

Touch wood she has been fine this afternoon. Fed her about 20 mins ago and currently have her sat in her rocker chair with the bit at the back up so it doesn't rock and have the back more upright than usual so she is more upright. Will see how she goes the rest of the evening. If she does it again this feed or any later tonight or through the night I might phone doc in the morn just to see what he thinks.
It's a swinging crib so I think pillow under mattress would poss be better. Will see how she goes cos as you say might not need to - here's hoping.

mears Mon 26-Feb-07 18:09:01

Yes you could do that or you could put a book underneath the legs. Depends what type of crib you have. You might not need to resort to that if it has settled.

leahsmum Mon 26-Feb-07 14:24:33

I just feed from one side - wait till she stops, wind her then offer the same side again. She is quite slow at breaking wind - HV reckons could poss be due to that or because she gulps quickly. She said the same - just to keep an eye on her and if it continues then to go to the GP. She brought her early morning feed back up this morning butshe has fed since and been fine. I will just keep an eye on her. Thanks for all your help!!
Would it be alright to raise it with a pillow underneath the mattress?

Mellowma - i will get round to changing it once I have decided what to call myself. I think using my 2DD's names will give the game away completely.

mears Mon 26-Feb-07 11:40:30

Please be assured it is nothing to do with your diet Leahsmum. I am sure our infant feeding advisor wouldn't be too happy with that advice - honestly!

Could be that she is getting a huge volume of milk when she feeds. Is she taking both breasts or just one? If she is having both you could try just feeding her off one side at each feed. By that I mean feed her till she stops herself, wind her then pop her back on the same side. Also after a feed try and keep her upright for about half an hour. When she is lying down it would be a good idea to have the head of her crib raised a bit. If she contantly vomits whole feeds then she will need seen by your GP.
You HV should be able to advise you too.

mellowma Mon 26-Feb-07 10:20:45

Message withdrawn

leahsmum Mon 26-Feb-07 10:08:56

I honestly wouldn't mind you seeing my notes anyway - its part of your job. Even if not I'm not that kind of person - I'd show them to anyone.

After I posted last night she was really sick again - i don't just mean a few mouthfuls she was really vomitting. I phoned the maternity unit and mw said that poss I had ate something that maybe didn't agree with her but she did it again this morning - surely if it had been something that didn't agree with her on Sat (she been doing it since Sat night) then it would be long gone now. I think I'l go with your theory because she is looking to feed more often so I've obviously been letting her - is this a good idea or should I try and hold her off a while in between to settle her tummy?
HV is coming today so I'll get her to check her over anyway - though she seems fine apart from the vomitting.
Sorry - you do realise that now I've discovered that your a mw and looked at some of your previous posts (stalker!! lol) that I will most probably now come to you with all my BF'ing questions.

mears Sun 25-Feb-07 23:57:48

Be reassured I actually never saw your notes . The book we keep in labour ward tells us how many babies you have had before and why you are being induced. I worked it out by the fact you were having your second baby and you had been monitored for high blood pressure. There was only one person in the book with that history therefore i knew it was you.

Please note down the things you have said already - checking urine then not washing hands. Writing that cord is on without checking - that is terrible. If you write a letter you will get a written response. I really hope you can muster the energy to do it - it is so important to highlight poor practice. You would be helping future mothers. Unfortunately I can't do it or questions would be asked about how I know!!!

Baby being sick after feeds is quite normal at this age - you tend to overproduce and they suck away regardless. Only thing is they ofetn look for a refill gets better as they get older. Life also gets easier when you master feeding when you are out. You soon realise no-one actually notices and then you relax.

ps - even i can't convert kilos to pounds and ounces - need the conversion chart!! Would always have that in my case if i was a community midwife though

leahsmum Sun 25-Feb-07 20:20:59

No chance of me remembering seeing you then. You must have been quick off the mark then to check my notes and suss me out. lol

I really can't be bothered with the hassle to be honest - though I know I should complain because I have heard a few people from our surgery complain about her in the past. A good friend also had a bad experience with her a couple of years ago. Her latest error - silly as it is though was that she put on my notes that the babies cord was still on on Friday when if she had even looked when she stripped her to weigh her that it was off and had been for 3 days - even if she couldnt be bothered to look at her belly button she would have seen it in previous days notes that it was off - miraculously grew back. Surely she is supposed to check that the cord isn't becoming infected? Also it was noted on my notes by hospital that my bp should be checked at home by cmw but when i mentioned it to her she shook her head and said there really is no need. Also - weighed the baby yesterday and couldn't tell me her weight in pounds and ounces because she didnt have her book with the conversions in it - surely she should be experienced enough to know how to work it out - afterall she is in her 40's and I would assume an experienced mw.

I'm going off on one now - I really should go and write a complaint even if to just get it all off my chest.

Adjusting to life as a family of 4 well. I am actually much better organised with 2 that I ever was when DD1 was a baby. Am finding it difficult getting out though as I am BF'ing and really dont have the confidence to feed her in public. Wasn't successful in feeding DD1 myself so am determined to make it work this time round - just need to build my confidence a bit before feeding her outside. Is it normal for BF babies to be quite sick after most feeds. She has been really sick after every feed since last night - bringing back what seems like most if not all of her feed. It is curdled though so I suppose that means she is getting the goodness from it? I also had to wake her earlier for a feed as she had slept for 4 and a half hours and had brought back most if not all of her last feed.
Any advice appreciated.

mears Sun 25-Feb-07 14:58:35

Leahsmum - the only thing I said was 'in there' pointing to the room as you came down rapidly in the wheelchair. I had taken the call from the ward midwife who phoned to say you were coming down. I didn't see you after that.

I posted to you on the antenatal thread about getting your birthplan done.

One of the reasons I wasn't sure whether to let you know I had met you is that I would not want you to be concerned about what you write here.

Personally I do think you have cause for complaint and would actually advise you write to the midwife manager highlighting your concerns. I can assure you that complaints are followed up. It would not be a bad thing for the midwife concerned to have your concerns highlighted to her. It will help her improve her care.

Writing a complaint is nerve wracking but I did it myself when I was concerned about care my Dad received in the general hospital in the South of Ayrshire. The issue was addressed and i felt better for highlighting it.

Hope you are coping well with the transition to a mummy of 2 - it is quite a transition. I remember it well. I found it hardest to go from 1 child to 2. Number 3 and then number 4 were far easier in comparison!

VeniVidiVickiQV Sun 25-Feb-07 00:22:55


hunkerdave Sun 25-Feb-07 00:18:34

Congratulations, LM! Fab birth story - what an exciting entry to the world! Glad the mystery of Mears's mystery MNer is now solved

leahsmum Sun 25-Feb-07 00:14:00

You really have me wondering now. Anyway better get off to bed, dd2 is due to wake up for a feed so I better get up there quick before she wakes dd1.

leahsmum Sun 25-Feb-07 00:10:11

What a small world!! did I speak to you? Cant think who you are - mind you I was in such a state I can hardly remember what mw's who delivered Sophie even look like. You'll have seen me moaning in ante natal thread about my cmw then - hope she not a friend of yours. Incase your wondering - the rest of the mw's in community team and at maternity unit are excellent!

mears Sat 24-Feb-07 23:55:07

I sussed you from your antenatal thread when you said that you were going to be induced. We keep a note of all the inductions in labour ward so it was easy to put 2 and 2 together.

Didn't like to intrude as you will se from the thread!

Congratulations again

leahsmum Sat 24-Feb-07 21:55:56

You should have said hello. Where did we meet? How did you suss me?

mears Sat 24-Feb-07 01:29:45

here's the thread I started about it!

mears Sat 24-Feb-07 01:26:29

Congratulations Leahsmum I can confirm your story as I was the midwife in the corridor directing you to you room

Didn't get a chance to come in and say hello as I was in the room next door. Wasn't sure how you would have felt about that if I had! Well done.

hairycaterpillar Thu 22-Feb-07 10:28:51


AitchTwoOh Thu 22-Feb-07 10:08:03

brilliant story, lovely name, congratulations.

Saturn74 Thu 22-Feb-07 10:05:51


SmudgeMum Thu 22-Feb-07 10:02:56

Congratulations. LOL at your description of scene from casualty. Glad DP and your Mum made it in time. How Sophie calms down a bit and doesn't take life at such a great pace all the time!

lulumama Wed 21-Feb-07 20:14:57

fantastic !! well done !! sounds erm..exciting!
welcome to Sophie

really glad your DH and mum made it x

andyrobo237 Wed 21-Feb-07 20:12:59

well done - I know what you mean about these midwifes and their 'back in a minute' and you dont see them for two hours!

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