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titchy got her baby girl!

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titchy77 Tue 20-Feb-07 14:48:07

Well i've finally got round to posting my birth story after nearly 3 weeks of her being born!!!
Well after 2 weeks of being monitored and seeing the consultant each week as they thought the baby wasn't growing, i went for a doppler scan on wed 31st jan and they found the blood wasn't flowing as good as it should be but the sonographer would tell my consultant and i'd probably get scaneed again on the fri so when i saw the consultant later that day was totally shocked when she said "we may as well bring you in tonight and induce you seeing as your almost 38 weeks, hop on the bed and i'll see how your cervix is and give you a sweep!!!"
I was completely gob smacked and didn't expect that. So we were told to go to labour ward in 2 hours and they'd start me off with some gel as my cervix was ripe and then if that didn't work they broke my waters.
So we rushed home and broke the news to my ds who was very excited and finished packing the rest of my bag!!
Got to hospital and they put the gel after they monitored me and was told to get some sleep.i started having mild backache(baby was laying back to back) and couldn't sleep so tossed and turned for most of the night.
At 8 in the morning the doctor came in and i was 2-3cm dilated so they broke my waters which wasn't to bad and also attached me to the drip to speed up contractions which i didn't like as i had to stay strapped to the monitor and really wanted to move around as my back was hurting. Contractions got alot stronger so started using gas and air which made me throw up everywhere but carried on using it as it helped, was shouting that i wanted and epidural and a c/s, m/w was brilliant and helped calm me down(i had kept saying up to that point that i didn't want an epidural or a c/s unless necessary!!)
m/w examined me and was 7-8cm dilated and then gave me a shot of meptid and stood me up to change the sheets on my bed as i'd been so sick but as i stood up i felt the urge to push and was found i was fully dilated so got back onto the bed and started to push and after 21minutes of pushing like mad and a whole load of pain my beautiful daughter was born weighing 4lb13oz. I could not believe i'd had a girl, was convinced i was having a boy!! my dp cried like a baby and said it was the best moment of his life.
Because she was quite small and her blood sugars were low she had to spend the night in scbu and after 3 days in hospital we was allowed home and now she's fine and weighing 5lb 10 and we are all totally smitten with her. My m/w and hospital staff were brillant and i can't thank them enough for the way they looked after us. xxxx

titchy77 Tue 20-Feb-07 14:54:08

Oh and we called har Bethany! xxx

Maddison Tue 20-Feb-07 19:11:58

Congratulations and welcome to Bethany

4lb 13oz - I bet she was tiny!!!

Hulababy Tue 20-Feb-07 19:13:38

Congratulations. Welcome to Bethany

SmudgeMum Tue 20-Feb-07 20:01:09

Big congrats Titchy and welcome to the world Bethany. I guess with your nickname, 4lb 13oz shouldn't be too much of a surprise!! Glad all is well and that she is putting on weight.

lulumama Tue 20-Feb-07 20:03:10

welcome to your little one! 4 1b 13 !! titchy too! bless her ! well done to you, sounds like you did really well ! x

PeachyClair Tue 20-Feb-07 20:11:56

Little ones are more lovely

I found those drawstring bottom nighties were handy with my IUGR baby, its easier than faffing with tiny arms and legs- and they can get growth out of them without being smnothered in too big bodysuits!

Congrats to you and little Bethany- a name I like

funnypeculiar Tue 20-Feb-07 20:15:52

Ahhh, ds was 5lb4 - when dd came along at a more 'normal' 6lb15 I thought she was HUGE!! Congratulations all, & welcome Bethany (nearly dd's name too!)

Bienchen Tue 20-Feb-07 21:13:59

Congrats Titchy - enjoy Bethany!! xx

bubblebell1 Wed 21-Feb-07 08:25:25


peachygirl Wed 21-Feb-07 13:00:39

Congratulations titchy!! Welcome Bethany!!

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