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The Teeniest Boho makes a punctual debut!!

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thelittlestboho Tue 20-Feb-07 00:26:46

Bang on her due date, 15th Febuary Noa Echo, decided it was time to make a grand entrance. She'll be the first punctual member of our family, can't believe it tbh. Wednesday, teatime put on We are scientists cd, bopped around kitchen while making dinner and started to get a niggly backache about 6pm. To cut long story short persevered at home till 2am and then headed off to maternity unit. 2hrs of labour later, at 4.15am, she arrived,9lbs 1oz. No pain relief, no swearing and no stitches/tears. A result I'd say. lol Everything went great and we headed home at 11am. Icing on the cake as nobody knew we were even at hospital so it was surprises all round, especially for DD2(12) who came home oblivious from school to be met with her new sister.She was ecstatic. Priceless. She's, (Noa) as cute as a button with LOADS of long blonde hair and long lanky legs, quite the little thoroughbred, haha

colditz Tue 20-Feb-07 00:28:52

Cxongratulations on Noa, that must be lovely for you to have her one time!

Bienchen Tue 20-Feb-07 14:37:37

What a wonderful story - congratulations to you all!!

bubblebell1 Tue 20-Feb-07 15:16:36


hairycaterpillar Tue 20-Feb-07 19:06:57

Fantastic and straightforward. Congratulations.

Hulababy Tue 20-Feb-07 19:07:58


SmudgeMum Tue 20-Feb-07 19:49:43

Congratulations - really nice names. Hope you are settling in well. It sounds like a dream labour and birth, glad it went so well.

Ceolas Tue 20-Feb-07 20:49:27

Oh congratulations!

Well done you

peachygirl Wed 21-Feb-07 13:05:52

congratulations thelittlestboho and welcome little Noa Echo , what a lovely name

titchy77 Wed 21-Feb-07 14:56:39

congratulations littlest boho and welcome noa! love the name. xx

lulumama Thu 22-Feb-07 11:41:22

lovely news..and beautiful names ! congratulations on the arrival of your DD xx

maveta Fri 23-Feb-07 14:04:31

congrats! This was going to be our baby's name if it was a girl - so beautiful. Sounds like a lovely quick birth, congrats.

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