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Leap year babies !!!

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hazellnut56 Wed 02-Mar-16 22:20:05

Maybe one has already been done but thought I'd begin a thread for our wonderful leaplings! smilestarstdavidscakethanks

My DD1 was born on Monday at 10:24 via c-section following 3 failed inductions ! Weighing in 8lb 7 she's absolutely beautiful xx

bulldogmum Wed 02-Mar-16 23:13:50

Huge congratulations!!

My DD1 was born on Monday 29th Feb at 7.41 weighing 7lbs 7oz. She's just perfect!

Now debating with fiancé when to celebrate her birthday..28th Feb or 1st March. What have you decided?xx

hazellnut56 Thu 03-Mar-16 05:35:22

Aww massive congratulations to you too!!!
We're going for the 28th based on the earlier side of midday ! smilesmile

Jecan Thu 03-Mar-16 05:52:20

Congratulations! It's such a special day to have a baby. There was an article in the guardian about a leap year child on monday & I think it said in the UK you are supposed to celebrate the birthday on the 1st March but weirdly in NZ you celebrate on the 28th. Really think it's up to you - the birthday police aren't going to come.
Enjoy those newborn cuddles

bulldogmum Thu 03-Mar-16 07:44:12

Jecan I saw that article too! My DP wants the 1st.
I'm with you though hazelnut, she was born in February and so early on the 29th that I thought 28th February.
It's a tricky one...weirdly the doctors at the hospital that day said they'd had all girls born on leap year so far (was around 3pm) but wonder if that run continued!!

BendydickCuminsnatch Thu 03-Mar-16 07:49:12

Wow that's so cool, congratulations both of you! smile thanks

hazellnut56 Thu 03-Mar-16 08:58:45

Ahh I didn't see the article. I'll have to look it up! smile
Yes I only saw one other, a girl !
I did however see something that upset me in that allegedly some parents were seeing having a leapling as a money saving scheme in the sense they don't have a birthday every year. I would never dream of not celebrating her birthday each year and every 4 is going to be an extravaganza !!cakecake

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