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Lisamarv's GIANT baby arrives 7 days late

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Lisamarv Tue 31-Oct-06 00:45:32

Hi all, well here is my VERY LONG AND DETAILED birth story... don't worry it's not bad or gory
So. Getting pretty frustrated at 4 days overdue so went for accupunture Weds night, can't recommend it highly enough to get things going, waters started trickling at lunchtime the next day, no contractions though so went for a long walk, hobbling round the neighbourhood like John Wayne, then spent the afternoon bouncing on the birthball. Started to have pains every 15 mins from about 9pm, lasting about 20 secs each. This went on all night, not able to get a wink of sleep and hurt much more if I was lying down so had to stay upright... was soooo tired. Contractions died off a bit Fri morning but were soon back every 10-15 mins, still lasting 20-30 secs. Went to birth centre to get checked over by midwife at lunchtime, she didn't do an internal exam, just monitored baby's heart rate and said all was fine, come back when contractions every 4 mins apart and lasting 1 minute... So went home, but by 9pm contractions were a lot more painful, had a bath to try and ease them but didn't really help, still only every 10 mins apart and now lasting 40 secs, WILL THEY EVER BECOME 4 MINS APART I was thinking! Resigned myself to an epidural by this point, disappointed as had been so up for the natural birth but was so tired and depressed at the thought of another night of pain and no sleep... so went back t the birth centre expecting to be like 1cm (if that), SHOCK HORROR I was 5-6cm dilated! WOW! So my contractions were effective even though they were so far apart. SO much happier now that I knew this was def it, but still thought I might want an epidural so decided to go to hospital instead of birth centre just incase... I am such a wimp! Arrived at hospital 10pm, contactions still every 10 mins and lasting 40 secs. Bounced on ball, leaned over side of bed, used TENS machine (which was AMAZING, everyone should use one, helped so much with the pain), the pool was busy unfortunately but tried a bath instead, couldn't find a comfy postion though so got out after a couple of contractions. Demanded an internal exam at 1am as desperate to know it was nearly over... 8cm and bag of waters really bulging... continued for an hour and used gas and air, pain really quite bad by now but it was weird, had this feeling like I knew I could do it, so got on with it. MW checke me at 1am, 9cm, and broke my waters to get things speeded up as was exhausted by now. To get from cm to 10cm seemed to take for EVER but was actually only an hour. Was waiting for this strong urge to push but it never really happened. At 2:30am I was fully dilated and told to push but it was so much effort, I don't think I was trying my hardest, gave up after 2 or 3 quite pathetic pushes per contraction... this is why 2nd stage lasted so long! There was me hoping for a 20 min 2nd stage... haha. Actually took 2 and half hours! Realised after a while that if I made more effort it would be oversooner so really pushed hard but contractions were dying off, couldn't actually feel them and midwife had to tell me when they were happening. Was up on my knees leaning over head of bed, clinging on for dear life and refusing to move, but midwife turned me over onto my back and it was actually a lot more comfortable, found it easier to push. So knackered I was gone onto another planet between contractions, vaguely aware of conversations going on around me but so out of it, just kept screaming at my mother to hold the cold flannel on my forehead! MW called a doctor in as 2nd stage had been going on for 2 hours... she suggested ventouse as baby's head was only just visible and she thought if she brought it down just a bit it would get round the corner and everything would speed up... her attaching the cap to the head KILLED, so painful! Ventouse fell off after 1 contraction so she reattached, then fell off after the next so we gave up, but those 2 contractions with the aid of the suction really brought the baby's head down and she was born within 10 mins... took about 3 contractions for the head to come out, was painful but not as bad as I thought it would be, guess all that perineal massage I've been doing for the last 4 weeks really helped with this bit! Then when the head was out it was SUCH a relief, like all the pressure down below had gone... Next contraction the rest of her was born, shehad her hand up on the side of her head so had to push out the shoulders with arm up... eek.
So baby Niamh was born, weighing 10lb 6oz (!!!), no cuts, tears or stitched needed. She had her eyes open and didn't cry at all, she was just really curious as to where she was. Ah, bless.
So a great birth all in all, really pleased I managed it without an epidural as everyone else on the postnatal ward had had one and all had episiotomies and stitched and couldn't feel their legs for hours and had catheters in...
Was really surprised at how much pain I was still in after the birth to behonest... you hear that when the baby is out you suddenly forget all the pain because some hormone kicks in, but I was in agony! And was trembling like mad, was soooo cold and in a bit of shock or something, MW said it was normal. Covered me with a million blankets and finally I warmed up and stopped shaking.
So that's it, sorry for long post, oh and I can't praise the labour team at Winchester hospital enough, they were so encouraging and helped me so much, def going back there for the next one!
Lisamarv x

MamaMaiasaura Tue 31-Oct-06 00:48:30

Congratulations xxx Had ds at winchester too

gonfleur Tue 31-Oct-06 00:48:43

congrats xxx well done for the birth

pipsqueak Tue 31-Oct-06 00:52:07

well done! it sounds a lovely delivery and congratulations and welcome to Niamh the name btw.

Gingeme Tue 31-Oct-06 19:39:39

wEll done you.A beautiful name. Congratulations to you all xx

whitestar Tue 31-Oct-06 23:36:59

hello to your little girl!! sounds like you did good you should be very proud of yourself.

mears Wed 01-Nov-06 00:58:40

Congratulations and welcome to Niamh

catgirl Thu 02-Nov-06 12:48:23

congrats and welcome. love the name

superblastofflips Thu 02-Nov-06 13:00:17

wow!..what a story!! congrats and well done xxx

jimbod Sat 24-Feb-07 08:40:26

Message withdrawn

agalch Sat 24-Feb-07 08:43:12


lulumama Sat 24-Feb-07 08:48:36

have reported the post

lisamarv does not post on here anymore, unless she is using a different name

ok, this man wants to warn other men about her alleged life as a prostitute, but this is a predominantly female forum, so i do not see what good posting it here will do. and posting the town she lives in.

agalch Sat 24-Feb-07 08:52:54

Reported ot too lulumama,don't want to read posts like this!!

NbgsYellowFeathers Sat 24-Feb-07 08:54:04

jimbod, if this is "between you and lisa" why on earth have you posted this on a public forum open to the WWW?

auntymandy Sat 24-Feb-07 08:56:43

congrats. 10lb 6 wow.
4oz bigger than ds..born on due date! Wonder how big this one will be?

hermykne Sat 24-Feb-07 09:02:49


puddytats Sat 24-Feb-07 09:16:27

'I admit that it is a predominantly female forum but and that this is the wrong thread to post this announcment on.

However, in my personal opinion, he has as much right as the next person to air his views, feeling and thoughts.

This is however the wrong thread and he should have started one of his own.

Will back out again and return to lurking.

quietmouse Sat 24-Feb-07 09:34:56

10 men a night whilst pregnant??

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