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Bluecow has calved!

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bluecow Sat 24-Apr-04 11:39:43

Lily arrived at 9.10pm on Wednesday April 14 weighing 8lb 7oz, just like her big brother did! I was induced on my due date - Prostin gel in at 10.30am; 5 min apart contractions from 2.30pm; waters broken at 7.30pm; Lily arrived at 9.10pm. I was on the birthing ball when I had the urge to push and daren't get off as I knew she was coming so fast and was afraid she'd fall out on her head!

So three pushes and she arrived - a bit blue because of the shock of the quick entry into the world. I had second degree tear but seem to be healing ok.

She's got a shock of strawberry blonde hair and is a real dolly. First few days hard as she is a party girl who wanted to feed for 6 hours one night but she seems to be settling now.

Her big brother is 18 months today so I really have my work cut out with two little uns!

hewlettsdaughter Sat 24-Apr-04 11:40:49

Congrats again! (saw your post on the April thread).

Angeliz Sat 24-Apr-04 11:41:18


Lovely name Lily!

Janstar Sat 24-Apr-04 11:49:29

Congratulations Bluecow, she sounds gorgeous. And happy birthday to ds

coppertop Sat 24-Apr-04 11:52:22


lemonice Sat 24-Apr-04 11:58:58


Metrobaby Sat 24-Apr-04 12:29:42

congratulations bluecow on your new dd

jodiemay Sat 24-Apr-04 13:30:39

Well done!

bunny2 Sat 24-Apr-04 14:19:29

Well done Bluecow, that's brilliant news. Lily sounds gorgeous

morocco Sat 24-Apr-04 15:47:01

fab news bluecow - and lily is a great name - my first choice if we'd had a girl

we've got the same age difference too - ds2 is 7 weeks old now - it's already loads easier than those first hectic days so don't worry!

Hulababy Sat 24-Apr-04 21:04:00

Congratulations and welcome to Lily

mammya Sat 24-Apr-04 21:05:56


motherinferior Sun 25-Apr-04 10:29:15

Woooohooo - hurrah.

SpringChicken Mon 26-Apr-04 09:41:40

Congratulations Bluecow Love the name Lily

dolbear Mon 26-Apr-04 22:45:54

nice one . well done , hope all is well

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