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Hewlettsdaughter';s had a daughter!

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hewlettsdaughter Sun 18-Apr-04 14:34:16

Born very early this morning, at home as planned - all very quick and intense, midwife arriving only 15 mins before baby! Will be posting more later on April thread. No name yet!

emmatmg Sun 18-Apr-04 14:37:39

Congratualtions and welcome

CountessDracula Sun 18-Apr-04 14:38:19

Well done HD - many congratulations (and good luck on choosing the name!)

motherinferior Sun 18-Apr-04 14:38:27

Welcome Hewlettsgrandaughter!

lydialemon Sun 18-Apr-04 14:38:42

Well done and congratulations!

mears Sun 18-Apr-04 14:42:46

Fabulous news - looking forward to hearing more. Congratulations

fisil Sun 18-Apr-04 15:03:42

wonderful news - well done!

bunny2 Sun 18-Apr-04 15:51:11

Well done HD! I am so pleased for you. Great news

Metrobaby Sun 18-Apr-04 16:08:36

Congratulations HD ! Wishing you all the best

bossykate Sun 18-Apr-04 16:32:24


spots Sun 18-Apr-04 16:32:58

oof what a quicky, well done and happy sunday!

meanmum Sun 18-Apr-04 16:35:17

Congrats to all.

coppertop Sun 18-Apr-04 16:53:51

Congratulations, HD.

Tinker Sun 18-Apr-04 17:38:24

Well done to Hewlettsdaughter and daughter

Toots Sun 18-Apr-04 19:58:30

Hooray!!! And well done you.

Lisa78 Sun 18-Apr-04 20:00:11

hurray! Congratulations and welcome

Marina Sun 18-Apr-04 20:32:16

Many congratulations and welcome to Hewlettsdaughtersdaughter! Look forward to hearing more soon.

lars Sun 18-Apr-04 20:35:34

Congratulations!!! larsxx

sibble Sun 18-Apr-04 20:36:50

Congratulations to you and your family

Ghosty Sun 18-Apr-04 20:50:32

Oh wow! Congratulations HD to you and your DH ... welcome to the little one

SpringChicken Mon 19-Apr-04 09:22:00

Congratulations HD Looking forward to hearing more details.

aloha Mon 19-Apr-04 09:45:46


Bron Mon 19-Apr-04 11:05:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dinosaur Mon 19-Apr-04 11:27:12


StripyMouse Mon 19-Apr-04 11:28:16

Wonderful news, congratulations

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