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Handlemecarefully9;s fragile package has been delivered

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handlemecarefully Fri 16-Apr-04 15:20:34

Christian (brother to Lily aged 21 months) was born at 17.16 yesterday. He weighs a respectable 8lbs and 7 oz.

I had what you might call a 'healing' birth experience (at risk of sounding like an earth mother or advert for the NCT).

Mild period pains began at around 9.30 am yesterday. Nothing major and didn't deter me from going to West Quay to do some shopping. Returned home by lunch time, and by 14.30 the 'period pains' (I didn't think they were strong enough to merit the term 'contractions'had become more regular at 5 mins apart lasting for 30 secs, so on insistence of my parents I rang labour ward to ask their advice. They said to come in and be examined, so we poddled off to hospital (with me fully expecting to be examined and then be told to go home as it could be another 48 hours yet). Arrived at hosp at 15.30, was examined at 16.15 - by which time I was apparently 7 cms dilated, and as aforementioned, Christian arrived at 17.16.

I can honestly say the discomfort only turned to active pain by around 16.00, so an hour and a quarter of labour agony aint at all bad. Had 2nd degree tear, but its not bothering me, and we went home last night.

This was so different from my daughters birth which was posterior, of 36 hours duration, prolonged agony, and ultimate delivery in theatre with full scrub team on standby (expecting to do a section) - but eventually managed to give birth after ventouse, forceps and episiotomy. Also my dd had become respiratorily distressed and had a short term spell in SCBU.

So the two births couldn't have been more different - and I am so made up that this one went do darned well. Am sure its made me a happier and more relaxed mum this time around (although it is early days - will probably be tearing my hair out soon!)

Nutcracker Fri 16-Apr-04 15:22:20

Oooh big congrats hmc

Welcome to Christian

Codswallop Fri 16-Apr-04 15:23:32

well done. where did you have him? southampton?

tamum Fri 16-Apr-04 15:23:42

Congratulations, that's lovely news, and how fantastic to have had a good experience

GeorginaA Fri 16-Apr-04 15:24:08

Congratulations, hmc!!! What a fantastic birth story

suzywong Fri 16-Apr-04 15:29:29

such good news
welcomeChristian and well done you

Fennel Fri 16-Apr-04 15:31:12

congratulations HMC! (and have posted them again on the april thread...)

sounds like a great birth.

hewlettsdaughter Fri 16-Apr-04 15:33:21

Welcome Christian!

insanidee Fri 16-Apr-04 15:35:18

that sounds like a lovely birth. congratualtions and a big welcome to Christian!!

SEXGODDESS Fri 16-Apr-04 15:40:39


Northerner Fri 16-Apr-04 15:44:40

Congratulations to you all!

Janh Fri 16-Apr-04 15:47:10

Wow! Can't believe you were able to go shopping while all that was going on!

Congratulations to all and welcome to Christian

mammya Fri 16-Apr-04 15:48:27


Girly Fri 16-Apr-04 15:53:41

Well done! Sounds like an ideal birth

SpringChicken Fri 16-Apr-04 16:00:22

Congratulations HMC Sounds great - give me one of those labours any day

kiwisbird Fri 16-Apr-04 16:02:18

Marvellous tale HMc, wonderful news!

marialuisa Fri 16-Apr-04 16:07:06

congrats, glad it went so well this time!

marthamoo Fri 16-Apr-04 16:08:20

Oh huge congratulations hmc, and welcome to baby Christian

Blu Fri 16-Apr-04 16:10:20

Brilliant, HMC, well done and a big welcome to the little one. XXX

hoxtonchick Fri 16-Apr-04 16:10:58


hoxtonchick Fri 16-Apr-04 16:11:18


Metrobaby Fri 16-Apr-04 16:19:36

Congratulations again HMC (have posted on the April thread too). Great to hear that you had a much better birth experience this time around.

goosey Fri 16-Apr-04 16:25:42

Congratulations, that's fantastic news.

Bouj Fri 16-Apr-04 16:36:38

Aah, that's so lovely hmc, a big welcome to Christian! Your first birth sounds very similar to mine, so its good to see there is hope of shaking off the memory! Enjoy your lovely family, all the best.

coppertop Fri 16-Apr-04 16:52:01

So pleased it all went so well for you and little Christian. Congratulations, HMC

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