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i love a good birth story!

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kkmuk06 Tue 26-Aug-14 01:22:37

Im a freak when it comes to hearing birth stories!
ive heard my fair share. tears of joy some not so joyful,
i would love to hear some 

IrishMumLife Mon 05-Sep-16 12:24:18

My son was due on 17th of November 2015 but decided to come a week early, was in labour for 2 Nights & 3 whole days went to the hospital on the 9th in the early hours of the morning was there until late that morning as was only 3cm sent me home the following day contractions got worse and closer together decided to head to the hospital around half 4 in the evening as it is a good 40minute drive away. Got there just after 5pm and wasn't seen until half 6 was left in the waiting room with a crowd seeing me going through contractions although I handled myself well and wasn't loud. Finally got seen in triage around half 6 and was 4cm got the pethidine injection and was brought to a bed in a ward with one other woman, within 2 hours I was 8cm and ready to go to labour ward, had g&a for awhile but didn't like it so got an epidural. My waters had to be broke and finally got to 10cm and my son was born at 11.42pm the 10/11/2015 weighing 6lbs1/2oz after only a couple weeks of minutes of pushing. Although I was in labour for a few days it was the best experience of my life. I wouldn't have changed a thing. He is now 10months old and I am now currently pregnant with second baby due in April. smile

moonbeamdream Sat 21-Jan-17 08:52:34

Had my DD2 yesterday so thought I'd jump on and reply 🙂

Husband starts paternity leave yesterday, we go out in the morning to ASDA with DD1, get some food in for weekend. Watched a film and had lunch, at 1pm I felt a pop, my plug had gone but didn't feel much apart from mild cramps, midwife said to go into local midwife unit at 5:30pm but can go sooner if I get uncomfortable so they can have a look at me and see what's what. With having to drop DD1 off to MIL we set off at 4:30 as I was very uncomfortable, dropped DD1 off, went to local birthing unit, what I thought was I'd only be 5cm dilated, heard a lady in next cubicle being told she's only 5cm and she was very distraught, so I thought just my luck I'd not even be that far, well when I got examined she said "you are fully dilated and no time for pool but we will run it anyway, can feel head and water bag is bulging". Managed to walk to room, got on knees on the bed, waters went with next contraction, was pushing on contraction after that and only pushed for 15 mins, total time of labour in hospital, 42 mins and amazingly only a graze, I'm still shocked now how quick it all happened!

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