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Udar is now Chuffed

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Chuffed Thu 01-Apr-04 23:31:59

Our beautiful little girl Jaimee Danielle was born 0101 on 29/3/04 weighing in at 7.03 by emergency c after 24hrs labour and we were discharged today. It is lovely to be home and
we are both doing well.
The plan was waterbirth, after having a frank bleed in the bath that was out, then I did the gas and air thing as long as I could but when I could cope no longer had the most perfect epidural (albeit a bit delayed due to someone needing an emergency c-section). We progressed nicely till 9cm dilated when they put a drip in to speed things along as I was only 2/5 desended? Within a minute or two of having the drip started Jaimee's heartrate plummeted. They turned off the drip, HR returned to normal but she had gone into distress so off I went to the theatre. 4 days in hospital and here we are at home. End of birth announcement - start of exciting new time.

mears Thu 01-Apr-04 23:34:46

Welcome home Chuffed. Sorry you had such a worrying time but glad to see you are both home safely

WideWebWitch Thu 01-Apr-04 23:35:43

Ah, congratulations Udar/Chuffed, that's lovely to hear. Well done and welcome to your girl

mammya Thu 01-Apr-04 23:40:15

Congratulations Udar/Chuffed

coppertop Thu 01-Apr-04 23:45:55


Welcome to the world little Jaimee. xx

Croak Fri 02-Apr-04 02:58:20

Congratulations on the birth of your little girl. Its great to get home isn't it?

M2T Fri 02-Apr-04 08:47:43

Lovely news.....

Ghosty Fri 02-Apr-04 08:49:12

Congratulations Udar/chuffed ...

Fennel Fri 02-Apr-04 09:09:21

Well done Udar/Chuffed!

you will have to start a new thread - "Those April babies..."

harman Fri 02-Apr-04 09:17:59

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Fri 02-Apr-04 09:27:15

Congratulations and welcome to Jaimee

dot1 Fri 02-Apr-04 10:17:26

CONGRATULTAIONS UDAR/CHUFFED!!!! So glad it all turned out OK - must have been scary for you all but lovely to have your daughter home with you

Hope I'm not too far behind, and see you soon on lots of parenting/feeding/sleeping threads no doubt!

bossykate Fri 02-Apr-04 11:04:24


MrsDoolittle Fri 02-Apr-04 11:14:04

Congratulations Udar/Chuffed and Jaimee!!!

Metrobaby Fri 02-Apr-04 13:55:46

Congratulations Udar. Lovely to hear that you are both well and at home now

moosh Fri 02-Apr-04 15:16:04

Congrats udar another March baby here safe and well

WSM Fri 02-Apr-04 15:25:07

Lovely stuff, congrats

bunny2 Fri 02-Apr-04 18:15:43

Congratulations Udar

motherinferior Fri 02-Apr-04 18:45:48

Lovely news

Angeliz Fri 02-Apr-04 18:47:38


SpringChicken Sat 03-Apr-04 11:25:39

Congratulations Chuffed/Udar

Wonderful news and a lovely name!

handlemecarefully Sat 03-Apr-04 23:39:39

Udar / Chuffed,

Labour sounds a bit rough - but glad your little girl is unscathed by the experience. Enjoy her!

stupidgirl Sat 03-Apr-04 23:51:33


hewlettsdaughter Sun 04-Apr-04 13:19:05

Many congrats chuffed! Glad things worked out ok and you are doing well - keep in touch!

suzywong Sun 04-Apr-04 13:31:36

Oh good for you!
All worth it in the end
congratulations on the lovely new member of your family

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