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My ex told me she's pregnant

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Letmeusethisnamenow Mon 21-Jul-14 17:42:10

We have a scan coming up. She told me a month ago she was pregnant, but ive reason to believe she was seeing the father of her other children since we've been together. She lives near him in his fathers house, she wont let me visit unless its in her terms, she has arguments with him and sometimes screenshots the texts bit other times texts me and shows me instead of letting me see the whole message. On one f them her ex was talking about getting back with her like I didnt exist. I think its his, a few days ago she cut me off completely. Then this morning i het a text with the scan address. What do i do ?

juneau Mon 21-Jul-14 18:09:59

Ask her how many weeks she is - could it be yours? If so, you can't really do anything until the baby is born, but you can request a DNA test at that point.

You could also ask her if she's been seeing the other bloke. Do it face-to-face and see how she reacts. It might not tell you much, but its worth a go.

juneau Mon 21-Jul-14 18:21:06

Remember if she says 'I'm twelve weeks', it will have been conceived ten weeks ago (always take two weeks off the gestation).

passmethewineplease Mon 21-Jul-14 18:26:56

Is there a possibility it's yours?

Have you had sex with her recently, protected or otherwise?

If so there is no concrete way of knowing without a DNA test.

Cuppachaplz Wed 29-Oct-14 11:56:28

Go to the scan, if this baby is yours, you will regret not having done so. She will be given a due date at this, however as others have said this date is 40w from her last period. Conception is usually between weeks 2 and 3 (but can vary a little more, so I would say that if you had sex anywhere between her being 10 days and 25 days, then there is a chance that the baby is yours.

If you plan to get a DNA test, do so as early as possible to avoid heartache on your side, and confusion for the baby. If the baby is yours, make sure you get your name on the birth certificate (it can be added later by a court if she refuses) and legal parental responsibility. Remember that if the baby is yours, whatever you choose to do, you will be held financally responsible by the CSA.

beeecaaa Mon 03-Nov-14 23:46:01

I hope you work this out, for the babies sake if not anybody else's.

Talk to her, tell her what you want/need. Tell her how you feel, but don't be rude. It's easier to be in her good books right now!

Be calm and be patient, but definately don't back down. If there's even a small chance that the baby could be yours, then get involved.

You'll regret not doing this if it turns out to be yours.


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