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The spikey kitten finally arrived!!!

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spikeycat Wed 31-Mar-04 14:17:59

Baby harry arrived on Friday 26th March at 7.07am 15 minutes after arriving at the hospital and on the day of his planned induction! No pain relief as there wasn't time but feel much better for it to be honest.

CountessDracula Wed 31-Mar-04 14:19:05


Hello harry

lydialemon Wed 31-Mar-04 14:19:22

well done and congratulations!

spacemonkey Wed 31-Mar-04 14:21:18

congrats spikeycat! XXXX

dinosaur Wed 31-Mar-04 14:27:37

Congratulations spikeycat and welcome to the world harrycat!

Bozza Wed 31-Mar-04 14:42:30

Congratulations - he is exactly 31 years younger than me.

bunny2 Wed 31-Mar-04 14:43:59

Congratulations, I love the name Harry.

mummysurfer Wed 31-Mar-04 14:44:19

Congratulations Spikeycat and hello Harry

Blu Wed 31-Mar-04 14:47:12

Aaaaah! Congratulations and welcome little Spikeykitten. XXX

marthamoo Wed 31-Mar-04 14:52:04

Way to go spikeycat Excellent name - I have a Harry too

emmatmg Wed 31-Mar-04 14:53:42

Congratulations from another Harry's mum.

SenoraPostrophe Wed 31-Mar-04 14:55:08

well done spkikeycat! and welcome to harry.

mears Wed 31-Mar-04 23:32:11

Congatulations and welcome to Harry

stupidgirl Wed 31-Mar-04 23:48:17


hoxtonchick Thu 01-Apr-04 00:06:49


SoupDragon Thu 01-Apr-04 07:54:36


motherinferior Thu 01-Apr-04 08:09:48

Hope you keep purring!

Hulababy Thu 01-Apr-04 08:45:03

Congratulations and welcome to Harry

WSM Thu 01-Apr-04 09:27:08

Gorgeous ! Well done you and welcome to little Harry

WideWebWitch Thu 01-Apr-04 09:33:47

Blimey, that was fast then! Congratulations!

SpringChicken Thu 01-Apr-04 09:58:14

Congratulations Spikeycat Welcome Harry

Glad you managed to do everything of your own accord and didn't have to be induced!
Love the name!

Batters Thu 01-Apr-04 10:11:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bluestar Thu 01-Apr-04 11:14:26


Angeliz Thu 01-Apr-04 18:17:37


aloha Thu 01-Apr-04 19:12:48


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