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Darcey Iris

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meanmum Fri 26-Mar-04 13:37:52

I haven't been on mumsnet for quite a few months due to time and email constraints. Things have sorted themselves out now so hopefully I'll be able to look at mumsnet more often than the recent past.

For all those who may know me from previous mumsnet chats our little girl arrived six weeks ago and we have named her Darcey Iris.

Details (a bit gross so don't read on if you don't want to) are:

Mum arrived 2 days after she was due and in fact she decided she didn't want to come out at all so I had the hospital induce me. She was only 5 days over her due date but if I left it up to the hospital and Darcey she wouldn't have arrived until 2 days before mum was due to go home. I wanted all the support I could get so I was very persistent with the hospital and they finally relented and agreed to induce me at 9.00 am the morning after I was had asked for it.

We arrived at 9.00 and ended up having 3 lots of Prostoglandin(?) before Darcey decided to arrive. I know they say that the second one comes much quicker than the first but both the hospital and I didn't actually think I was in labour until my waters broke and she arrived with the next push. I had some pains prior to my waters breaking but they didn't feel like the labour pains I had with my son and when the midwife examined me I was only 2cm dilated. My waters broke 45 mintues later and Darcey would have been born with them if I hadn't stopped pushing at that stage.

I had sent dh home when I had the third lot of gel as none of us thought anything would happen until the morning and I figured he needed his sleep. I started feeling nauseous a couple of hours later with pains very low down and decided to call him back so he could hold the bucket for me for when I was sick. I never managed to vomit but felt like I needed to. He arrived and we went off to the bathroom so he could run me a bath while I went to the toilet. The next thing we know I am standing up ready to sit on the toilet and my waters break and she is there. Thank god he was there, he arrived about 10 minutes before she did and raced off to get the midwives so we could deliver her.

It was all over in the blink of an eye and I am surprised at how little pain I suffered. I had all the drugs on offer for my son as even the mild contractions were unbearable but with her it wasn't that bad. I came home the same day and we are all happy, healthy and resting (when ds doesn't wake us up in the night).

Anyway, enough of my rambling we now have a healthy son and daughter and I'm already seriously considering when we'll have the next one.

bossykate Fri 26-Mar-04 13:39:12

nice to see you back, congratulations

bobsmum Fri 26-Mar-04 13:43:06

congratulations and a big hello to Darcey

ks Fri 26-Mar-04 13:51:55

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Fri 26-Mar-04 13:55:41

ah, congratulations!

emmatmg Fri 26-Mar-04 14:10:09

Congratulations and welcome to little Darcey

Northerner Fri 26-Mar-04 14:16:20

Congrats Meanmum. What a beautiful name

Marina Fri 26-Mar-04 14:16:41

Meanmum, how lovely to hear from you after all this time, was wondering if you had changed names. Many congratulations on the birth of Darcey :0 and don't be a stranger!

motherinferior Fri 26-Mar-04 16:38:22


Hulababy Fri 26-Mar-04 16:45:16

Congratulations and welcome to Darcey.

sammac Fri 26-Mar-04 17:20:16

Congratulations meanmum- I love the name

Blu Fri 26-Mar-04 17:23:31

Aaah! Congratulations and a big welcome to little Darcey. XXX

Grommit Fri 26-Mar-04 17:43:26

Congratulations Meanmum - glad you had a relatively easy time!

sis Fri 26-Mar-04 19:16:29

Congratulations Meanmum! still hate the name I was wondering what had happened to you and I think there have been a few calls for your whereabouts in the 'missing mumsnetters' thread. Glad to see you back!

sis Fri 26-Mar-04 19:59:12

Oh help! sorry, sorry, sorry! I meant that I hate the name 'meanmum' because you are lovely and NOT that I hate the names Darcey Iris which which are both very beautiful. Hope you didn't read my earlier post and take offence.

whymummy Sat 27-Mar-04 20:17:43

meanmum,i've just found this thread
CONGRATULATIONS!!! glad it wasn't too bad,i love the names and i can't wait to see you all soon
ps.i wrote to you earlier but i don't know if you received it
lots of love xx

stupidgirl Sat 27-Mar-04 20:24:13


Ghosty Sat 27-Mar-04 20:27:38

Congratulatations Meanmum and welcome back
Why don't you join us on the January 2004 Babies thread ... I know Darcey was born in Feb but so was my DD ...

CountessDracula Sat 27-Mar-04 20:38:55

meanmum that is a great birth story - congratulations to you and welcome to little Darcey (I adore the name, was on shortlist for DD!)

ScummyMummy Sat 27-Mar-04 20:40:16

Many congrats to meanmum and the little meanie. (And LOL at sis getting worried about her post)

meanmum Sat 27-Mar-04 21:07:44

Thank you to all for your kind thoughts. Pleased you like the name. I've had loads of people who don't especially the grandparents. I find it amazing that my grandmother doesn't like the name when I actually have a boys name.

CountessDracula Sat 27-Mar-04 21:30:59

Surely it's a girl's name? What about Darcey Bussell?

tigermoth Sun 28-Mar-04 18:38:18

congrats to you all!

meanmum Sun 28-Mar-04 22:23:57

So few people seem to know of Darcey Bussell. Let's hope she ends up with a figure like hers and the rythm and style Darcey Bussell dances with. I have a figure the opposite and absolutely no rythm or style when it comes to dancing.

I think everyone thinks of Darcey as being a man's name because of Mr D'arcy in Wuthering Heights and also in Oz (where I'm from) it is used as a man's name and not a woman's. Oh well.

gingernut Sun 28-Mar-04 23:31:52

Congratulations! Welcome to little Darcey and welcome back meanmum

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