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Non religious "christening"?

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Eminybob Tue 13-May-14 11:00:14

Neither DP or I are remotely religious (although we have both been christened) but we would like to do something to publicly welcome our little one into the world when he comes.

I have heard of naming ceremonies but have no idea how they work or been to one. As you can have civil ceremony weddings is there a christening equivalent? Or would it be better just to have a party?

Having come from a semi religious background, I have attended christenings and really enjoyed the gathering of family and friends, and the feeling of welcoming the baby, plus a lovely party afterwards. Also, I have an heirloom gown that it would be nice to see used.

Any suggestions?

DuckyMoDuckyMoMo Tue 13-May-14 11:05:32

I'm not religious

My son had a thanksgiving basically a non religious christening was held in the church by the vicar etc was nice maybe that would work for you?

Eminybob Tue 13-May-14 11:08:11

No, no vicars or churches thanks. That would still feel a little hypocritical. (Should have said I'm an atheist rather than non religious)

KERALA1 Tue 13-May-14 11:10:28

Both times we had a little garden party for extended family when the baby was about 6 weeks old. Its nice to have "an event" for people especially if they are travelling. We started 3 ish had tea and cake and champagne. Didn't have a ceremony as such as seemed rather cringeworthy but we both did a little speech about how happy we were that DD was born and DH read a poem (my grandfather was a poet and wrote a poem about the birth of a baby in the family so that one). It was a nice opportunity for everyone to meet the baby and catch up with each other in a nice low key way.

We also did a little card with the babys picture on and date of birth and the poem. We felt this happily marked their arrival without ceremonies or religious stuff that doesn't mean anything to us. Have very happy memories both times.

LittleRedDinosaur Tue 13-May-14 11:12:01

Maybe the humanists do naming ceremonies? (I've no idea but went to a humanist wedding last year and it was lovely- very thoughtful and personal and completely non-religious) The humanist society website might be able to help

Eminybob Tue 13-May-14 11:17:41

That sounds lovely Kerala. Just what I was thinking of.

I was thinking if there was anything a bit more "official" we could do too, but I suppose it's not necessary. I'll have a look at the humanist website too, thanks Little.

LittleRedDinosaur Tue 13-May-14 11:20:01

Just looked- they do (no idea how to link!)

Eminybob Tue 13-May-14 11:22:09

Yes I've just had a look and was coming back on to say they do! That looks perfect actually, just what I was looking for!

DuckyMoDuckyMoMo Tue 13-May-14 11:25:01

I'm atheist to hmm and it was in no way hypocritical. Our church does these especially for people who aren't religious.

Eminybob Tue 13-May-14 11:27:23

Sorry ducky I didn't mean to offend, it but it just wouldn't sit right with me personally.

worldgonecrazy Tue 13-May-14 11:36:49

I'm a naming celebrant. I dislike the term "naming" because the children have usually already got their names, but it's a common term which people will usually understand.

The parents can include other family members, god parents (or their equivalent) and poems, etc. Everyone gets to be a fairy godmother and make a wish for the child, and there is the usual presents/party as well.

We also do a secular blessing, based on an old Gaelic blessing.

Having a celebrant there can make it feel more "official" than just having a family party.

LittleRedDinosaur Tue 13-May-14 12:03:57

Glad to help Eminy!

Eminybob Tue 13-May-14 12:32:36

Thanks all, it does seem what I'm looking for is out there. thanks

FreeSpirit89 Fri 16-May-14 09:10:58

Look up a naming ceremony. It's basically a blessing of the baby, and people can wish well in there own faiths too. That's what we had for DS1 xx

DelphiStar Mon 16-Nov-15 10:16:14

I think the term 'naming ceremony' is one people will understand as a non-religious event to welcome the baby. Get a friend or relevative to give a secular 'blessing', feed everyone cake and you are sorted. Party for the baby minus religion.

Focusfocus Mon 23-Nov-15 11:21:11

We are both card carrying atheists. We are having a naming ceremony with a celebrant from the British humanist association in April. Just sent out invites, baby only five weeks old yet!

Hawest1 Thu 03-Dec-15 18:26:19

I had a naming ceremony for both my DSs, I googled it & seemed really expensive to get someone to come do it at the house or chosen location, so I asked at our local church & they were more than happy to accommodate us, I just explained that I wasn't religious but I still wanted to celebrate the birth of my sons, he said that he was more than happy to do it & he blessed them aswell & merely said that leaves it open to my boys were he they want to become religious or not. It was free (mega bonus!!) so maybe worth asking ur local church too?

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