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jessandalfie Sun 02-Mar-14 22:37:30

After a long horrible pregnancy my beautiful baby girl is finally here born on the 01.03.14 weighing 6 pounds exactly... threw the pregnancy I was very very sick every single day. Had spd. She cracked my ribs with her feet. Chance of possible pee term labour at 32 weeks. Reduced movement alot. So at 38+5 they decided to induce me. So I went in friday had the induction for the tablet to bring strong contractions on very quickly but was contracting 8 times in 10 mins but not dilating and my body couldn't handle it causing the babys heart rate to drop. So tablet was taken out. Tryed again once the contractions had slowed down. Was taken to labour ward sat morning had waters broke and tablet taken out at 3 pm all came on quite fast and had my princess at 19.07 gas an air an pethidine worth every single pain over the moon smile be nice to hear other people's experiences of being induced..

DipMeInChocolate Sun 02-Mar-14 22:51:03

Congratulations thanks
I was induced in the morning about 8am, nothing happened until 11pm. In agony I was 3cm and given co codamol hmm I was finally allowed up to the ward for gas and air. By 5am I'd had pethadine and the drip to move things along, I was in so much pain I was begging for an epidural. After that it was great, gave birth just before 7am to 6lbs4 girl.
DC2, went in for induction about to give the pessary at 2pm, but already 3cm, had a sweep to push along. By 9.30pm I was in pain and needed gas and air, i was 4-5cm and taken up to the only free room, it had a birth pool. The pool and gas was lovely and had baby just before midnight.
Birth 2 was by far the best.

Ludways Sun 02-Mar-14 23:00:24

Two inductions, both failed to progress, two emergency sections. Not good experiences, wish I'd said no.

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