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My lovely (sneeze)birth story !

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ALittleBitOfMagic Wed 24-Apr-13 21:52:02

In November last year I started a thread about thinking my waters had broke in my DDs piano teachers house (previous thread here) Well , turns out they had !!! Now as he is approaching 6 months this is me getting round to writing his birth story . 

At around 5.30pm (at 40+5) as I was walking into DDs piano lesson , I felt some sort of leaking . I couldn't be sure if it was waters so stayed the duration of the lesson . When I stood up I had more leaking - it seemed every time I moved a little came out . I left the lesson with dd and drove to my mums , and by the time I got there the seat of the car was wet . I phoned our CMU and the midwife advised that I head down to the unit to get checked , see if it definitely is my waters . So my dad got dh from work then stayed with dd while my mum took us to the hospital . On the way down I begun to feel mild crampy pains .

We arrived at the hospital at 7.30pm and was taken in as answered a few questions . I was examined and it was confirmed my waters had broken and I was 2-3cm dilated , so dh and I were shown to the birthing room . By now I was having full blown painful contractions . 

I was keen to try the pool but as I was so early in labour the midwives suggested I lie in a bath . The bath was great - I lay there with my G&A and dh poured roasting hot water over my belly with each contraction . I stayed in the bath for around an hour when the contractions got too close and intense I asked to get in the pool . By the time I got in the pool they were just too intense I asked to get out and have some pethidine . 

So I got out the pool and one midwife and dh attemped to give me a dry and put my nighty on , while the other midwife drew up the pethidine . I sat on the birthing ball while the pethidine was administered and the midwife tried to check baby's heartbeat . But my contractions were coming one after the other with no break at all by this point , and the pressure was just too much , so I climbed onto the bed onto my knees . 

I begun pushing . I could feel baby's head literally fall down inside my pelvis and push down . I was only pushing for about 10 minutes when the head came out . Although it was only 10 minutes it felt like hours and I was so tired . I stopes pushing for a minute , and a little arm made it's way out . I gathered all my strength and pushes for another few minutes . 

At 9.30pm , after 40 weeks , 6 days , 2 hours of contractions and 15 minutes of pushing , my beautiful baby boy Jacob was born , weighing in at a whopping 9 lbs 14 oz . smile

LeChatRouge Thu 25-Apr-13 18:48:05

Congratulations! Six months already.

What a lovely story, and what lovely taste in names you have wink

Super fast labour, what will happen next time? My sister had baby no 2 at home in bed before the midwife could even get there!

takingachance Mon 29-Apr-13 21:06:03

What a great birth story! I can only hope mine is so straightforward :-)

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