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baby milkybarkids arrived

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milkybarkid Mon 26-Jan-04 16:11:23

when i was 43 weeks and 1 day pregnant, a gorgeous boy weighing 7 and a half pounds, after 4 and a half hours labour

dinosaur Mon 26-Jan-04 16:12:29

Congrats! That's lovely news. Well done you.

DSW Mon 26-Jan-04 16:12:54

CONGRATULATIONS!! Any names yet?

beetroot Mon 26-Jan-04 16:13:08

Message withdrawn

luchar Mon 26-Jan-04 16:14:24

Excellent news! Congratulations to all the milky bar family!

mears Mon 26-Jan-04 16:15:53

Brilliant news milkybarkid. Did you go into labour yourself? Hope you can post us more details soon. Congratulations

doormat Mon 26-Jan-04 16:16:12

congratulations milkybarkid
and welcome to the world baby milkybar

motherinferior Mon 26-Jan-04 16:16:51

Wow, milkbarbabes, well donexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

sb34 Mon 26-Jan-04 16:17:15

Message withdrawn

prettycandles Mon 26-Jan-04 16:17:23

Oh wonderful! Well done :0 :0

Details later, if you feel up to it?

prettycandles Mon 26-Jan-04 16:17:49

Woops, I meant

Roscoe Mon 26-Jan-04 16:18:12


You made it to 43 wks? Is this a new MN record?

I hope it all went well for you in the end. Welcome to milkybarbaby. xxx

lydialemon Mon 26-Jan-04 16:19:05


Blu Mon 26-Jan-04 16:22:32

Big hugs to MilkyBarBaby, and congratulations to you - well done!

twiglett Mon 26-Jan-04 16:24:46

message withdrawn

SpringChicken Mon 26-Jan-04 16:25:20

Congratulations Milkybarkid Can't wait for the full details x

Pimpernel Mon 26-Jan-04 16:36:01


Loobie Mon 26-Jan-04 16:43:53

Congrats milkybarkid and welcome to your new son,hope the birth was as you wished.


Hulababy Mon 26-Jan-04 16:44:32

Congratulations and welcome to your little boy.

aloha Mon 26-Jan-04 16:46:22

Wonderful! How was it (apart from brief, that is!)


Demented Mon 26-Jan-04 16:50:50


roisin Mon 26-Jan-04 17:33:38

CONGRATULATIONS! Fantastic news - I have been thinking about you loads. When was he born, and does he have a name yet?

Please do post if and when you have time, and let us know how you're getting on.

bossykate Mon 26-Jan-04 17:34:38

fantastic news! congratulations! i hope all went just as you wished.

Angeliz Mon 26-Jan-04 17:37:02


pie Mon 26-Jan-04 17:47:47


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