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Baby Bouj makes an apperance

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Bouj Sat 13-May-06 10:22:09

Edward John arrived fashionably late on Tuesday 9th May at 2.00pm exactly (Brisbane time). 4 day over and 5 days after my show, ds1 woke up at 12.45am and whilst dh went to settle him, I had a rather unpleasant contraction! And 5 minutes later another... 2 hours later I rang the hospital who told me to come in. It all progressed pretty quickly, and by 9am I was 7cm and coping pretty well on gas and air. The midwife told me afterwards she thought I would be done and dusted by 10.30am, and I was pretty confident at that stage of managing with nothing stronger too. But it all came to a grinding halt and 2 hours later I hadn't progressed and was getting tired (not to mention increasingly unable to cope with the pain) the midwife suggested a tiny bit of the drip would be all I would need to progress and be done. I was starting to think I needed an epidural, and knew i couldn't handle the drip without it. I hung on for another hour with no progress and was crawling the walls. A lovely man with a big needle made my day, and the drip did its job. I was ready to push an hour later and I could feel the contractions enough to push and felt him being born (painlessly!). I was overjoyed to have another boy, and to have done so much on my own. It was such a lovely experience compared to ds1's birth, which I was desperately hoping for.

We came home from hospital today (standard length to stay in over here) and we are (so far) doing ok. Breastfeeding going better than with ds1 (though bloody sore nipples) and I am feeling pretty good. A couple of stitches because he had his hand up to his face, but that's all. Ds1 is very protective, and its gorgeous to watch them together.

Oh and I am so bloody glad not to be pregnant anymore (and to have avoided induction) - bring on the champagne!

NotAnOtter Sat 13-May-06 10:35:37

Fantastic Bouj...delighted for you another angelic boy to light up your life ....have a glug for me!

threelittlebabies Sat 13-May-06 10:56:05

Congratulations Bouj and welcome baby Edward!

Maddison Sat 13-May-06 11:29:22

Congratulations Bouj and welcome to Edward John

MamaG Sat 13-May-06 12:04:52

Oh well done you, lovely name for baby too.

Congrats xx

AbiGilby Sat 13-May-06 21:48:29

Congratulations Bouj on the birth of Edward, and I’m so pleased for you that the birth is something you remember with pride and pleasure.

ScummyMummy Sat 13-May-06 21:50:34

Excellent. Congratulations, bouj.

marthamoo Sat 13-May-06 22:21:37

Oh well done - you did have a long time to wait after your show, didn't you? Congratulations on the safe arrival of Edward John !

VeniVidiVickiQV Sat 13-May-06 22:23:57


Beauregard Sat 13-May-06 22:25:01

Congratulations xxxx

eidsvold Sat 13-May-06 23:49:04

you monkey - i've been waiting for the email

congratulations and welcome to Edward John.

How was the mater???

Sore nipples - get some lanisoh cream.... fab.

eidsvold Sat 13-May-06 23:51:29

home in time for Mother's Day - happy Mother's Day.

hockeymum Sun 14-May-06 07:37:26

Congratulations Bouj, lovely to have a May Baby the other side of the world! Glad you had a much better experience this time. Welcome Edward!

yummimummy Sun 14-May-06 08:12:57

Congrats Bouj on baby Edward - gorgeous name!
How does it feel to be a mum of four???

Bouj Sun 14-May-06 08:54:20

Thanks all

Sorry Eidsvold - we held off on the email (still haven't done it ) until we gave him a name. Then, with five minutes to spare, I posted on here rather than email people! Shocking, really... Am slathering the lanisoh, but dear lord it is painful - not sure how tonight will go. Happy mothers day to you too, eidsvold, hope you got spoilt.

pupuce Sun 14-May-06 08:57:11

Congrats Bouj.... sorry that you had to wait so ling after show....
Glad you had a good birth too!
There are BF counsellors in Australia, give them a ring to sort out your sore nipples!!!!

SoupDragon Sun 14-May-06 09:07:40


SoupDragon Sun 14-May-06 09:08:07

Fab name - if I'd been a boy I would have been John Edward

eidsvold Sun 14-May-06 09:24:51

hope you had a lovely mother's day

WelshBoris Sun 14-May-06 09:26:00

Congratulations and happy mothers day

eidsvold Tue 16-May-06 13:56:23

love the pics - he looks gorgeous - especially in his little bonds babygro.

beety Tue 16-May-06 13:59:32

great news bouj..

lovecloud Thu 18-May-06 14:02:21

Congratulations Bouj!

Our little ones finally made their entrance after teasing us for days

Our babies were born on the same day too.

Your birth sounds similar to mine.

How much did he weigh?

Hope your all doing well.

CountessDracula Thu 18-May-06 14:04:41

Many congratulations Bouj!!!

Gem13 Thu 18-May-06 14:08:14

Congratulations Bouj and welcome to Edward

Sounds like a great birth.

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