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Birth of my baby girl

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CailinDana Wed 27-Feb-13 15:18:42

My little girl was born yesterday, 26th February at 04:12. She doesn't have a name yet, due to disputes! I'm sure I'll get my way smile

My pregnancy was very straightforward, with only heartburn as the one major annoyance. I'm not a fan of being pregnant though, and by the time I got to 40+3 on Monday I was thoroughly fed up - huge, tired, raging heartburn requiring up to 5 Rennie tablets per night, and dying to meet my baby. DH was off work so he was looking after our DS(2) which was a huge help. They went off to toddler group on Monday morning while I stayed a home as I wasn't feeling great. I had an inkling things might be getting going although given that I'd been having really strong Braxton Hicks for weeks I wasn't holding out too much hope. I was booked in for a home birth and I wasn't sure when I should call the midwives.

While DH and DS were out I had a couple of contractions but they were very far apart and quite short so I knew nothing was going to kick off too quickly. We had a quiet afternoon during which I had a bloody show and a few very irregular contractions. DH went out for McDonald's at about 5 and I stuffed myself with Big Mac. DS went off to bed at 7 and DH and I watched Corrie. About 8 I gave the MWs a call to give them a heads up that things might be starting. They called back after shift change and asked if I wanted someone to come out to check me so I said yes. As soon as the two lovely midwives arrived my contractions went from irregular at about 10 minutes to non-existent. They were very nice about it, but didn't do an examination. My bp was a bit up and I was worried they might say I had to go in to hospital once things kicked off but luckily they didn't. They left and I had a good cry. I was thoroughly fed up.

Of course as soon as they left I went back to contracting very irregularly. We decided to go bed at 11. I had a shower and lay down for a while, and the contractions suddenly ramped up. I went to brush my teeth and realised things were on the go. I woke DH up and he called the MWs for me. They arrived about 12 at which point I was having about three contractions in 5 minutes - short but strong. MWs were happy - they reckoned things were going to be fast. All I wanted was the gas and air!

Gas and air going, we settled in. MWs were lovely - chatty and encouraging. The contractions were strong and regular and getting longer, so I was hopeful that things would move fast. MW checked me about 2 and said I was 8cms so we were hopeful I'd start pushing in the not too distant future. I said DS was born at 3:30 and this one might be earlier than that and they laughed and said it wouldn't anywhere near that long.

How wrong they were! Started pushing about 2:30 and nothing doing. Pooed everywhere (TMI!) so I was clearly pushing well, but I couldn't budge her at all. MWs were very encouraging and calm but I could tell they were worried when nothing at all was happening after half an hour. They were worried about a lip of cervix so checked me and broke my waters. The waters breaking was a huge relief, and the MW said no lip was present so things should move along. Again, it didn't happen and they were a little concerned about her heartbeat by 3:30 and started talking about transferring to hospital. DH called our backup babysitter who had to get out of bed and into his car in the middle of the night (bless him, big present due for him) and put the last few bits in my hospital bag. I was gutted at the prospect of going to hospital and couldn't imagine having to lie in an ambulance (the pain at this point was excruciating, really bad, and I was really struggling). By about 4 it looked like were set to get the ambulance, but I was having none of it. Got on the couch, got angry and just summoned every ounce of energy and got the little madam out! Turned out she was back to back. She had started out on her side and the MWs assumed she had gone right way during labour, understandably as I had no backache which is a sure sign of back to back, so they had no clue what was happening until she popped out looking upwards. Once the head was out the rest of her came no problem.

It was so odd but in all the hoo-haa of the pushing stage my brain had completely short circuited and totally forgotten that there was a baby on the way. Once they put her on my chest I was confounded and flabberghasted, the feeling was just beyond incredible and just kept saying "my baby, my baby!" over and over. I have never felt so elated in all my life. We had been told by the sonographer that she was "probably" a girl so I had a quick feel and DH had a look and we knew we had a daughter. The MWs were over the moon and very apologetic that they didn't realise she was back to back. I didn't blame them one bit - there was no indication of it and they had supported me amazingly well. I couldn't complain at all. I was unbelievably relieved to have her out and to have stayed at home that nothing could have changed my mood.

Cord was cut and the baby went to DH for a cuddle while I tried to get the placenta out. I say tried, because that wouldn't move either. Again the prospect of hospital loomed. After about 20 minutes the MW gently encouraged me to push - I hadn't an ounce of energy left and was crying at this stage - and thank the lord and all that is holy, the blasted thing came out. Again, massive relief.

MW then checked me for tears and said I had one small graze and that was it. I was delighted. After all the anguish normality descended again very quickly and all I wanted was some tea and cake smile DH obliged and then I went for a shower, the best shower ever. I felt like I'd been put through a mangle but I was so happy that all was well and that I was still at home. Our babysitter turned around and went back home.

Once I was washed and settled we did all the necessary paperwork, the MWs tidied up and I gave my little girl a feed. She was very keen to say the least. The MWs left at about 6. They were absolutely fantastic, and I couldn't fault the care they gave me for one second. Tough as it was in places they made the whole experience so much more bearable and even enjoyable in parts. They were comforting, considerate, and just wonderful in every way.

DH went off for a sleep before DS got up and I sat up with the baby, gazed at her and fed her. The birth was hard but worth it and I felt like a warrior!

HobKnob Wed 27-Feb-13 15:24:11

Congratulations on your little girl, and well done on being a fabulous warrior! What a wonderful birth story, you're making me briefly, very briefly think about #3 grin

kelda Wed 27-Feb-13 15:25:04

Congratulations! My second dd was born at home, and a back to back labour, and hard to get out. But I didn't have a back pain labour - although with dd1, I had a back pain labour, despite the fact that she would born facing the normal way! - and shares your dd's birthdaysmile

5madthings Wed 27-Feb-13 15:28:38

Aww I may have something in my eye...

Congratulations on the birth of your dd, my dad was also back to back, hard work!

Rest up and enjoy your bundle if joy xxx

CailinDana Wed 27-Feb-13 16:13:30

Totally forgot to say, while in labour i started a complainy thread in chat and got fantastic support from mners. Realy kept me going. Thanks xx

FoofFighter Thu 28-Feb-13 12:19:05

Welcome to the world little girl smile

Thanks for sharing your birth story thanks

squidkid Thu 07-Mar-13 08:11:11

Oh , congratulations, I am crying now.
This is so so similar to the birth of my daughter back in September. She was my first, but so many parts of this were just like my experience - much longer than expected after contracting really well to start with, barely used water in the end despite the pool being there, lovely supportive midwives, thought I was going to have to go to hospital at 8cm due to failure to progress... but like you it all happened naturally in the end, and she was born on my sofa, and when they handed her to me chucked her at me it had been 30 hours and I was completely surprised that a baby was involved at all!!

I also found the placenta painful to deliver and only had a small graze. Was shellshocked at the time but what a great birth story I have in retrosepct, I am so fortunate.

Congratulations, you sound over the moon, enjoy lovely baby. xx

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