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Enid and dh are retiring and starting a girl band!

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Enid Thu 27-Apr-06 16:46:09

Dd3 Beatrice (Bea) born yesterday night at 10.15pm, she is divine but TINY (6lb 8oz ).

The birth was completely amazing, in the pool, at home with dh and my best friend in attendance as well as three of the most lovely midwives. Bea didn't cry at all, she slithered into the water, I lifted her up, she looked at me and nuzzled onto my chest and went back to sleep .

Will post details later.

Feeling tired but very happy and relaxed with a tiny graze and AGONISING after pains. Bea is already feeding very well.

tortoiseshell Thu 27-Apr-06 16:46:48


Really really happy for you and a little bit - love the name, fantastic news.

Gillian76 Thu 27-Apr-06 16:47:05

Oh congratulations!

I had just logged on to see if there was any news.

Glad it all went well

desperateSCOUSEwife Thu 27-Apr-06 16:47:23

congratulations enid
and welcome to the world baby bea

VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 27-Apr-06 16:47:34


nailpolish Thu 27-Apr-06 16:47:45


well done and best wishes enid et al

and welcome baby Bea

sounds like a pretty ok birth there enid, good for you girl xxx

foxinsocks Thu 27-Apr-06 16:47:46

aww congratulations enid (you poor thing, those afterpains are just toe curling!)

beautiful name

Greensleeves Thu 27-Apr-06 16:47:48

Oh Enid, congratulations and well done!!! I am so delighted for you.

<<about bl**dy time and all>>

Love and best wishes to all of you xxx

Gizmo Thu 27-Apr-06 16:48:00

Bliss - sounds absolutely idyllic.

Just wonderful news.


LittleMerlin Thu 27-Apr-06 16:48:12

Many congrats! Love the name too.

hoxtonchick Thu 27-Apr-06 16:48:14

fantastic news, many congratulations

LIZS Thu 27-Apr-06 16:48:14

Congratulations !!!

LadyTophamHatt Thu 27-Apr-06 16:48:23

YES...<<punches the air>>

even though I got it all wrong.....

haven't even read the story properly yet...just had to post supper quick!

Congratulations Enid and family.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Thu 27-Apr-06 16:48:30

Oh well done! Welcome Bea

Caligula Thu 27-Apr-06 16:48:41

How amazing you are being on Mumsnet one day later.


Blu Thu 27-Apr-06 16:48:56

That sounds brilliant!
Congratulations Enid, and welcome Bea - lovely name, just right.
So pleased the water birth worked out for you.

Wallace Thu 27-Apr-06 16:49:05


nailpolish Thu 27-Apr-06 16:49:17

knew it was going to be a girl

enid, are you at all aware of just how many threads there were searching for you and your news?!

moondog Thu 27-Apr-06 16:49:27

Lovely lovely news!

coppertop Thu 27-Apr-06 16:49:33


Ledodgyherring Thu 27-Apr-06 16:49:38

Congratulations!!! Lovely news.

Mercy Thu 27-Apr-06 16:50:03

Well done Enid!

Nbg Thu 27-Apr-06 16:50:07

Awww that sounds fab Enid.

Massive congratulations to you all.
Beatrice is a lovely name too.

anorak Thu 27-Apr-06 16:50:08

Congratulations enid!

You have no idea how nuts people have been going all day on her waiting for your news!

MrsMills Thu 27-Apr-06 16:50:14

Congratulations, and what a beautiful name too!

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