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Ruthlet has arrived

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Ruth21 Thu 11-Dec-03 13:19:13

DD2 arrived yesterday morning after long--well it felt long to me--but straightforward labour at home. Woke up at 2 am Tuesday morning with contractions about 20 minutes apart, they got closer together during the day and were 5 mins apart most of the time from about 1pm, but when midwives came at 10pm Tuesday (after earlier visit at 4pm when I was not quite effaced) I was depressingly only 2 cm dilated. (Should point out that dp, not me, had dd1).

Contractions got faster and harder after that, midwives came back just before 5 with gas and air, which by then I really really needed. I also got in the pool at that point which was fantastic. Miriam was born in the pool at 6.39 am, 8lbs 1/2 oz. No middle name yet but she will get one!

Must go, sister and nephew just arrived.

M2T Thu 11-Dec-03 13:44:48

COngrats Ruth! Sounds wonderful.

Welcome baby Miriam!!!!

SpringChicken Thu 11-Dec-03 13:49:17

Well Done Ruth

emmatmg Thu 11-Dec-03 13:54:20

Congratulations and welcome to litle miriam.
Another home birth, 'we're' getting very popular now.

dsw Thu 11-Dec-03 13:59:09

Congratulations!! Welcome baby Miriam.

motherinferior Thu 11-Dec-03 14:05:01


dot1 Thu 11-Dec-03 14:05:58

wonderful news!!!!! Congratulations Ruth21 - to you, your dp and dd!

Grommit Thu 11-Dec-03 14:07:07

Ruth21 - many Congratulations and welcome to Miriam! Best Wishes.

GRMUM Thu 11-Dec-03 14:24:32

Congratulations ruth and family.

deeno Thu 11-Dec-03 15:11:54

Congratulations and welcome Miriam.

SoupDragon Thu 11-Dec-03 16:19:21


popsycal Thu 11-Dec-03 17:23:10

How are you doing now?

crystaltips Thu 11-Dec-03 17:25:35

WLCOME and Congrats

Blu Thu 11-Dec-03 17:38:31

Big congratulations to all, and welcome little Miriam...aaaah!

marsup Thu 11-Dec-03 17:57:24

Congratulations (again!) - it sounds so good I almost wish I was planning a home birth.

Angeliz Thu 11-Dec-03 18:06:51


aloha Thu 11-Dec-03 18:32:13

Congratulations on your new daughter.

WSM Thu 11-Dec-03 18:59:00

Lovely, comgrats to you all. Welcome little Miriam

doormat Thu 11-Dec-03 19:01:02

Congratulations Ruth
and welcome to the world baby Miriam

Ghosty Thu 11-Dec-03 19:06:21

Congratulation Ruth21

Hulababy Thu 11-Dec-03 19:27:11

Congratulations and welcome to Miriam!

hoxtonchick Thu 11-Dec-03 20:03:50

well done ruth

fisil Thu 11-Dec-03 20:25:13


harman Thu 11-Dec-03 20:26:11

Message withdrawn

princesspeahead Thu 11-Dec-03 20:30:09

many congratulations! another lovely home birth... welcome miriam

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