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Edgar has a little boy!!!

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EdgarAllenPimms Sun 24-Jun-12 23:39:44

he is all cute!!

i was getting a bit desperate as was at +13, but he decided to put in an appearance tonight!!

contractions started during the build up to the England match.. i had decided to eat my childbirth - reward cheescake anyway as was fed up!! (DH left it on in the other room) and called midwives and my mum..

DH got my kit prepared (vet bed down to cover carpet with dust sheet beneath - made a nice soft runway)

they came straight away fresh from another homebirth and got settled right away..

all going well so on with the job... contractions at 2 mins, in the back so stood by my bed with DH massaging (lovely hot hands)..things getting closer together with urge to bear down.

waters went and i could feel the head descend with them... two contractions later out he slipped (with the usual thought 'i don't want to do this!!') waters clear!

and he plopped out on an inco pad (with the usual mucous etc) and then cried... hooray! mw pushed him up so i could see his bits (which hid on the scan) - a little boy!

he has huge hands - and is very beautiful and looks lots like his brother. his sisters are going to be so pleased!!!

well done Jackie and Emma of Worthing Commmunity team! was really lovely, felt very comfortable in their care

ChaoticismyLife Tue 26-Jun-12 23:34:16

Congratulations smile thanks

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