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June 2012 babies

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Constantbaker Tue 19-Jun-12 16:53:59

Hi - just wondering if anyone else is due around now. I was due yesterday but no sign of baby arriving yet. Getting seriously fed up waiting as various symptoms rack up and DH out at work all day as i desperately bounce in ball, eat pineapple, go walks and drink RLT to no avail.

Anyone else getting endless calls / texts from people asking for updates?? Driving me nuts, especially when they're from people way down the list of priorities. I know they mean well and it's grumpy of me but good god leave me alone!

Just wondering if there is anyone else out there climbing the walls!

Bibblebobbleparsnip Sat 23-Jun-12 22:15:05

Me! Not due till next Sat- but would have had both other DC by now, so family & friends getting a little impatient. I keep waking up feeling disappointed I've not had it in the night!

Bibblebobbleparsnip Thu 05-Jul-12 23:18:19

Any news constantbaker?

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